Car rental services are quickly booming up in the city with both tourists and citizens opting for car rentals. If you plan to get rent a car Dubai, you need to make sure you check through certain boxes, to be eligible to rent a car hassle-free to drive anywhere you want within or outside the city. For renting a car at an affordable rate OneClickDrive.com and follow the rules to ensure safety.

Driving License is an absolute must for you to drive anywhere in the world and it is even a must-have for renting a car in Dubai, that is a given. Likewise, Dubai will require you to have a Driving License. Although, you might want to check out the list of countries whose licenses are permitted to drive in the city, exemption from which will require you to get an additional document. Moreover, you would still require a full or normal license which is valid at least for a whole year without primary endorsements. In case of a UK license holder, you will need to keep your Photo Card with you as well. 

If your country is not one of the lucky countries permitted, you will need to go for an International Driving Permit. This is absolutely necessary when you are looking for car rental service in Dubai. Be it a luxury car or economical options, the rental services are very strict in this case. It is advisable to get it done through your local bodies before you fly down to UAE. In case you are a UAE resident with a solid license, you can get it done through one of the UAE bodies. All you need is a copy of the valid UAE driving license, a copy of passport, and two passport size photographs. 

You will also need to carry your photo ID like a passport or your National ID in order to prove your Identity when you are going to take a hired car. 

Keep in mind, you will also need a credit card in order to reserve a deposit for your rent a car in Dubai. American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard (not debit), Visa (not debit) are the only accepted credit cards that you can use. Also, the credit card should positively belong to the primary driver of the car. For the booking phase, you usually need to deposit 1,500 AED against your card. 

As long as you go through this process with authentic and correct documents, your ride should be smooth and ready for you in no time, to be possessed as long as you desire. In case of any discrepancies with the documents or payment though, the rental agent might refuse to release the car, or refuse any refunds as well. 

Clare Louise