Ensure Children To Learn Safer With The Use Of Technology

Ensure Children To Learn Safer With The Use Of Technology

As we know, corona virus has been spreading across the world at a fast pace. So, teachers, students, and parents will now need to implement measures in order to continue education outside the classroom. The term Lido learning has been coined frequently for the past six months. What is it? What does it involves? How can you ensure your children have a safe online learning experience?

Lido learning seems to be distance learning, which is method of learning without facilitating face-to-face interaction with the teachers physically. This means that children study outside the classroom using online methods like webinars, live-streaming, e-learning and the ability of downloading study materials and resources.

Protect your home network:

Ensure your home network is very protected. Regular use of interest will increase the risk of clicking or downloading something, which is inappropriate to your network. Therefore, it is significant to install anti-virus or anti-malware programs to assure the protection of your family. 

Comfortable online chats & chat rooms:

Students usually want to communicate with their peers when they are not able to see others in person. So, they will feel less isolated and even, help out each other with their Lido classes. But, it is important to ensure they can perform this as safely as possible.

When it comes to data transmission, most of the best messaging apps use encryption so that it prevents others to read or intercept the messages. End-to-end protection helps in protecting messages and other forms of communication like group chats, media files, and voice calls.

While online, children can use chat rooms to get someone to converse with or to find assistance on their work. Chat rooms are really a positive environment for student’s collaboration. But, there are also certain risks linked with that environment. Therefore, it is crucial to repeat online safety regulations around the use of chat rooms and messaging apps.

Safety considerations to keep in mind:

  • As there are many new attacks found on a daily basis, update your anti-virus program regularly.
  • Do you have a wireless router? Make sure the network is secure and so, neighbours can’t gain access over it
  • Children should log out all the time to keep unwelcome situations at control. They can also modify their screen name if possible
  • Students should definitely avoid using their real name in chat rooms. They should also report about any users who break the rules fixed by the education provider.

 Being a guardian or parent, you can help children to be safe. Talk to them about internet usage and teach them about internet dangers. You should learn everything about the internet to make informed decisions.

Edward Powell