Everything You Need to Know About Polo Tee Shirts

Everything You Need to Know About Polo Tee Shirts

Polo tees are one of the widely carried apparels of our times and don’t need any formal introduction here. The love for the polo t shirts in the sports communities is not something unheard of. From the top-rated tennis players to the golf enthusiasts, each one of them can be seen carrying their most loved and comfortable tee. It is this ease of wearing without compromising the style is what that makes polo t-shirts hugely popular amongst the commoners too.

The Inception of Polo Tee

Do you know how the word Polo came into being? A few centuries ago, English players used specially designed tee shirts for playing polo game. Over the time these evolved and began to be addressed as Polo tees.

From the beginning of the 20th century itself, the golfers around the world have officially taken on the polo tees as part of their formal sports-wear.

Material, Features and Styling

What makes a polo click amongst the sports community is its unique construction. It is created from the material called cotton pique fabric. The biggest advantage of this fabric is its high soaking power which is the main reason why it is the most preferred sportswear.

Also, the colors are usually kept white or light if the tee is going to be used for playing tennis, golf or any other form of sports. You can carry it easily all day round, even under the testing conditions like scorching sunlight without a trace of discomfort or the slightest unease.

Talking about casual wear- You have got the myriad of shades to choose from. Besides, you have some unique and eye-catching printed polo shirts options to suit the taste of uber-stylish men.

What makes a Polo tee truly stand apart amongst the other clothing options is the way it can be seamlessly carried into the events which are not outright formal and neither they are casual too. It is this versatility of the clothing, which makes a polo as perfect for a student as it is for an employee, or a sportsperson per se.

Whether you are into the sports or not, Polo tee remains the must-have clothing as part of your wardrobe. Available in a huge collection of colors, prints and styles to take a pick from, there is one to suit every occasion.

Edward Powell