Factors To Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Laptop

Factors To Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Laptop

These days, purchasing a new laptop might need to be clarified. It’s crucial to comprehend some technical jargon, whether you want to check your emails or play the latest video games. Here is a guide to help you make the best choice possible this Christmas while purchasing a new laptop.

How to Choose and Buy a Laptop – Steps To Plan

1. Plan Your Budget

Different laptops exist with varying features and characteristics. Determining an approximate amount of money to spend is crucial. This aids in selecting a computer from the various categories and models. Here is everything you need to know about how to choose and buy a laptop (วิธี เลือก ซื้อ โน๊ ต บุ๊ค, which is the term in Thai)

2. Battery Choice

Just as crucial as the laptop’s processor and RAM is its battery. As a student, you may need to carry your computer to and from college, and charging time might only sometimes be possible. A practical battery has an extended runtime of hours. Examining the rating is one quick approach to seeing how much battery life the laptop has.

3. RAM and CPU

Processors from AMD and Intel power laptops. Selecting the appropriate one can be challenging. For simple gaming titles, applications, and college tasks, an Intel Core i3 or AMD A-series A6 or AMD A8 processor will work just fine on your laptop. It is worthwhile for students to spend extra money on laptops with AMD A10, Intel Core i7, or Intel Core i5 CPUs if they use a lot of programming or graphics-intensive software.

Nowadays, 4GB of RAM is standard on most laptops, which is fantastic if you want to use Microsoft Office, browse the web, and view movies, among other everyday duties. If you are willing to pay a little bit extra, you may be able to locate choices with 8GB of RAM. Having more RAM makes it easier to multitask between demanding programs.

4. Athlon & AMD A-Series CPUs

If the laptop you locate has an AMD Athlon or A-series CPU, you might wish to hunt for a newer model. You can purchase a much better laptop for the money because Ryzen CPUs outperform earlier processors by a large margin.

Until recently, all MacBooks were constructed using Intel CPUs. Since Apple began producing its CPUs, Apple Silicon chips, the M1 and M2, are standard on all Mac computers and laptops.

Apple Silicon is a “system on a chip,” meaning it combines the CPU, GPU, and RAM into one unit, which distinguishes it from other CPUs. Apple claims that at the same peak performance levels, the original M1 CPU can run 3.5 times quicker than Intel CPUs while consuming only 25% of the power.

5. Hard Disks

These days, most laptop users can get by with at least 256 GB of storage space. However, if you possess numerous large files and applications, such as games, pictures, and videos, you will most likely require 512 GB to 1 TB (terabyte) of storage capacity.


We hope you find this article helpful in helping you choose a laptop that will fulfil your needs and offer you a positive experience.

Paul Petersen