Find Your House Selling Best Options: What is the Right Deal?

Find Your House Selling Best Options: What is the Right Deal?

It’s a big step in your life as an owner: you now want to sell your home, whether it’s a house or an apartment, and you would like the sale to be completed quickly. That’s understandable, and here are some tips to make it easier. Thinking, I want to Sell My Home San Diego? Then here are the things you need to know about.

Decide: With or Without an Agency?

Before you start, ask yourself one question: do you want to make this sale alone, or would you like to be supported by specialists? Selling your home can indeed require a personal investment that can be energy-intensive.

If you choose to use a real estate agency, do not hesitate to compare the services and commissions of each before entrusting your property. You can also choose, or not, an exclusivity. The real estate agent will serve as an intermediary between you and your buyer, thus allowing you not to devote too much of your time to this sale project during the weeks to come. But you must have confidence in your agency, and have firmly expressed your conditions to it before you start.

Estimate Your Property at Its Fair Value

Whether using your agency, or by finding out for yourself by studying the market price, estimate your accommodation at its real price, taking into account its geographical location, its layout, its year of construction, or its proximity to public services. A little common sense advice: the price displayed in the ad may be very slightly higher than the price you want to obtain, in order to have a margin of negotiation. Without, however, exaggerating either, at the risk of having very few, or none at all, visits or offers.

Write a Specific Ad

Bring all the documents obtained during your own purchase, such as the title deed, in which there are many elements that will prove useful for writing your ad. A precise advertisement is an effective advertisement: indicate the number of habitable square meters as well as its services. Does it have a cellar? If so, what is its surface? How far is your home from the first business? Highlight the assets of your property (garden, large rooms, orientation, double glazing) in order to allow potential future buyers to project themselves and make them want to come and visit.

Take Great Photos

Apart from the pure and simple writing of your ad, don’t forget the visual. Take beautiful photos of your apartment or house, and if you’re not a photo pro, don’t hesitate to get help. This will be the first contact of future buyers with your property, and a beautiful photo can very well provoke a “match”. Avoid dull photos, poorly arranged rooms, and unfavorable angles. If your terrace overlooks a gray building, avoid taking a photo of the building and focus on the tree-lined part of your outdoor space.

Get Into Home-Staging

Here comes the long-awaited time for visits. Don’t panic though. Rather than simply “letting the charm work”, try to slip into the shoes of a buyer who would like to buy a property. Purify your decoration. Make it smoother and less personal. This “home staging”, in principle inexpensive, should allow you to convince your visitors more quickly. Now all you have to do is wait for an offer at the sale price, or slightly lower.

Bonnie Baldwin