Finer Methods for the Right Reviews

Finer Methods for the Right Reviews

Whether it is to make a purchase online or in a physical store, consulting product reviews is an integral part of the customer’s purchasing journey: 88% do so for online purchases, and 73% for purchases. in physical store. By influencing purchasing behavior in 94% of cases, product review plays an important role in visitor conversion, along with other criteria, such as price, item availability or costs. port. Companies have different channels to encourage their customers to leave comments on the products they sell: automatic e-mail, SMS, QR code and flash code, newsletter.

Gather product reviews by sending emails to customers

After the delivery of an order, the company can solicit the customer’s opinion on the product, by sending them an e-mail, two or three days after the expected delivery date. This practice, perceived by the customer as not very intrusive, a simple step to finalize their purchasing journey, facilitates the collection of product Reviews. This can be done by means of a collection form, inserted on the company’s website. The notice can be published on the merchant site, on a third-party platform or relayed on social networks.


The newsletter, an additional opportunity to collect a product opinion

If you are used to communicating with your customers through a newsletter, this is a new opportunity to collect their opinions. The collection of product reviews can be done through an insert inserted in the newsletter, and encouraging the customer to leave a comment on the product delivered.

Request a comment on a product by sending an SMS

When the customer has left his telephone number, the company can use this means to collect his opinion on the delivered product. This task can be automated, and be done by programming the automatic sending of an SMS after each delivery.

Collecting product reviews offline by QR code and flash code

In addition to digital, many companies continue to communicate with their customers by means of paper media. Distributed in letter boxes or sent by mail, these media can be paper catalogs, promotional offers or, quite simply, invoices. All these traditional communication channels are all opportunities to solicit product reviews, through a QR code, a flash code or a URL link, leading to the review submission page.

Social networks, an ideal place to collect product reviews

The collection of product reviews can be done directly through your communications on social networks. Members of your fan community, already involved in your communication strategy, will be more inclined to leave a product review than the average customer. They will not hesitate to support you, by leaving a comment on one of your social accounts.

Vouchers and other commercial gestures, incentives to leave a product review

Whatever the mode of communication chosen, the return rate can be improved by offering a reward in exchange for submitting a product review. This can take the form of a voucher, sending samples or any other attractive commercial gesture.

Although it is interesting to collect product reviews to boost sales, they are not always easy to obtain from customers who may perceive this practice as a waste of time. A wide variety of ways exist to solicit customers and allow you to choose the approach likely to bring the best rate of return.

David Lockhart