From Fresh Tomato to Mozzarella: Have the best Pizza Just as You Want

From Fresh Tomato to Mozzarella: Have the best Pizza Just as You Want

Fresh tomato on the pizza is of course also possible. Preferably place the tomato a pacchetelle on top of the pizza. That is to say, wedges cut lengthwise. That is the natural structure of the tomato. Small tomatoes (cherry or mini San Marzano) are of course also possible.

The Best Pizza You Can Have

Thick slices of fresh tomato on your pizza release a lot of moisture during baking. Especially in a regular kitchen oven, you have the chance that your pizza base will sometimes become a bit soggy. You can also place slices of fresh tomato on your pizza after baking. Garnish them with some mozzarella or fresh basil leaves.

As you visit Sisters Pizza in San Diego, CA, along with the variations of pizzas and Mediterranean meals, you will have the choice to design your own pizza. This is the best chance to for you to order the best pizza the way you want is right here. Sisters Pizza is the pizza restaurant made in memory of Kate green, the pizza loving girl having a great crush over pizza and a great love for people. Her elder sister Emily started the restaurant and currently it has become a great place for friendly chit chats and quality time spending. Moreover, when you have the best quality pizzas by your side just the ways you want, then what more you would look for?

Topping pizza with cheese

Of all the cheeses that are often used on pizza, mozzarella is an absolute favorite. Mozzarella has even been scientifically proven to melt, color and bubble best of all cheeses. As you will visit here  in Sisters Pizza, you will have all the options for exploring the best quality right here. There are other food options as well. On visiting Sisters Pizza, expect all these options and more. As the variety of pizzas you can find Modest Mouse, Pepperoni Patty, Miss Piggy, OBecian, Livin’ on the Veg, Chickie Chickie Parm Parm, Don Ho, Rooftop BBQ along with the side dishes such as Fried Calamari, Mozarella Sticks, Fried Artichokes, Grilled Caesar, Caprese, Tomato Bisque and many more. They are the true delights for your tastebud.


In the San Diego we often talk about mozzarella. The Italians differentiate between buffalo mozzarella (mozzarella di buffala) and fior di latte (made from cow’s milk). Sisters Pizza has a more compact structure than buffalo mozzarella. It is therefore best to cut these into strips of 2 to 3 mm. Cut buffalo mozzarella into slices of 5 to 6 mm, to prevent the slices from melting away completely during baking. It is best to cut mozzarella in the desired way beforehand so that it can drain sufficiently. Then the mozzarella will not leave too much whey on your pizza when you start baking.

So what are you waiting for? It is the best time to head for your favorite pizza corner to have a nice pizza and beer in front of you. Have a great chat with your friend and explore the quality time with him or her.

David Lockhart