From Handshower To Toilet Bowl: Completing A High-End Restroom With TOTO

There are plenty of restroom items and accessories to choose from online. As someone who was having a home makeover, I looked for better restroom items for the renovation. From a handshower to smart toilets, bathtubs and fittings, I was searching for something well-designed and convenient online and there I found a number of styles and brands online.

On The Hunt For High-End Restroom Equipment

Remodelling a restroom is easier if you have a residential restroom equipment supplier. While budget isn’t an enormous problem, I could not make an immediate decision about where to choose my restroom accessories and other equipment. I was looking for a one-stop-shop solution to my needs. I tried to look elsewhere until I visited Toto Group. From my experience and view, they offer premium, classy, yet comfortable toilet and restroom equipment. I became considerate with their products upon seeing them for the first time. They look simple yet sophisticated, especially if you are after something modern and minimal.

I decided to try looking for the latest faucet design and toilet system and bought one after. I was convinced seeing the positive reviews online and how marvellous the ceramic cartridge gave excellent quality. They also offer fantastic warranty coverage for any damage or defect in the cartridge. Nevertheless, I never had any problem with their faucet so far up until now. It is a bit pricey, but the purchase was worth it. I almost complete my restroom with TOTO’s, and they are worth an investment, in my opinion.

Here are a few things I liked about TOTO’s restroom equipment:

Powerful and efficient systems

Most of TOTO’s smart toilets have powerful systems yet are extremely efficient, particularly the NEOREST, which is fantastic. It’s a hands-free automatic flushing system. It also finds the customisable pressure and temperature feature to be useful at most times. They are costly. But having those features, their smart toilet is very functional with designs that aim for better convenience. Their smart toilet bowl in Singapore is a powerful innovation for hygiene cleaning.

Gorgeously simple

Not all lavatories I’ve seen from other brands have been as sophisticated yet simple as TOTO’s. Most of the ones I’ve seen and used are simple, yet they often lack something, especially in streamlining design. Lavatories from TOTO are sophisticated and high-performing despite the simplicity of their design. Not to mention that they are made from Earth-friendly materials. Their hanshower looks excellent too!

Unique features

Another thing that I like about the washlet and bathtub I bought from them is the features. To highlight my experience with their bathtub (the Galalato), it looks terrific and simple. However, its reinforced marble and stone appearance creates a fine-dense texture touch. The handles were also comfortable and easy to use.

Apart from the experience I had with their products, their service was also excellent. I never encounter any hassle from purchasing to delivery and installing their products. Even after buying a sink in Singapore from TOTO, the process is hassle-free. So if you are looking for high-end bathroom equipment, I would definitely recommend TOTO!

David Lockhart