Glamorous And Stylish Bedroom Chandelier Ideas for Inspiration

Glamorous And Stylish Bedroom Chandelier Ideas for Inspiration

Chandeliers are characterized as lighting fixtures holding bulbs in multiple branches. These are regarded as statement features in shared spaces. So, can you add a chandelier to your bedroom and create a wow factor. Of course, your bedroom can be upgraded with a statement chandelier. It can be anything like a sputnik globe or a rococo-style or an ornate. 

Spectacular bedroom chandelier ideas for inspiration 

Crystals are classic

When a crystal chandelier takes center stage over your bed it gives the boudoir space a refined touch. Crystal is a sublime choice with visual and functional benefits. It creates a twinkling centerpiece because the crystal prisms refract light around and improve the impact. On Sofary, you can check the variety of bedroom chandeliers including the multilayered round crystal chandelier, Modern flush mount crystal chandelier, rectangular raindrop crystal chandelier, and more. Visit here to get an idea on how to select appropriate bedroom chandeliers.

Empire chandelier

Choice of chandelier style will depend on property architecture, interior style, and design. Usually, circular crystal chandeliers work better than the square or rectangular ones in the bedroom because curves soften bed angles. Round chandeliers have rounded edges, so can look appealing from every angle. Choose an empire chandelier and go all curvaceous. Crystal bean chains are draped around and pulled by gravity to form curves. 

Tiered chandelier

Tiered chandeliers have a history of centuries but the 20th century Art Deco grabs inspirational focus. The art deco-tiered crystal chandelier is spectacular and simple. You can choose a diamond-shaped arrangement with 11-tiers or to keep things simpler choose 3-tiers. 

Antique or sputnik chandeliers have immeasurable aesthetic value. It offers your bedroom vibrancy and personality. Even if you go Boho-style, choose a chandelier that suits the style and size of the bedroom as well as what kind of ambiance you desire to create in your night space.

  • If you want a delicate feminine interior, then a crystal chandelier works better.
  • For a contemporary feel simple and less ornate alternatives are good.
  • If you desire a detailed room them, choose a proportion scaling other design elements
  • To make a statement – go BIG!

Placement options for bedroom chandelier

In the center of the entire room

When you fit a chandelier in the center of the room then it will be the main light source as well as a focal point. Choose a chandelier, which suits the bedroom irrespective of style. 

Over the bed

The bed is the focal point and to boost its statement hang the chandelier over the bed or close to the headboard. Ensure to leave sufficient clearance to avoid head bumps while getting up. Make sure that the fixture is high above of not block views across the room or TV. 

Above the nightstands

Bedside lamps are common but instead, you can hang mini chandeliers on both sides above the nightstand. It offers a dramatic look, and you get more space on the table to put a photo frame, books, or reading glasses. 

Ensure to choose a bedroom chandelier that is not over or undersized. They need to be of ideal size to offer visual impact and brightness. 

Edward Powell