Great Choices for the Perfect Online Poker Processes

Great Choices for the Perfect Online Poker Processes

Why specify this? Because there are a lot of videos and tutorials to play online poker in Hyper or Turbo timing in order to maximize the winnings in no time.

Absolutely avoid applying, especially if you are just starting out, this kind of tutorial which prompts you to multiply by 10 your gains in a few minutes. Poker is absolutely not made for that, and the pleasure of playing becomes nonexistent to give way to stress.

Do not play large amounts, especially during your first games

Online poker games, especially the first ones, will very often determine how you play during the following ones, and therefore, your subconscious will use them to set a loss limit which most often comes too late. In case of online poker  this is very important.

The ultimate trap?

Play your first game without worrying about what you are ready to lose, and at the end of your game, and the loss of your € 100 for example, realize that you cannot afford to lose these € 100. Your subconscious is already chasing after recovering lost gains, forgetting that you can still lose. This is unfortunately the most common case in games of chance. Before you know it, you’re already on the straw.

  • So, and even before you start playing, you must set yourself a limit not to be exceeded, and stick to it. Setting limits is the basics before you start a game, and if you were to follow just one of our tips for playing online poker , then give it a try.

Know how to stop even when you win. The tips for playing poker above also apply when you win. Indeed, winning at Poker is very gratifying and rewards long minutes of concentration. Most often, we fall into an excess of confidence which leads us to chain the parties and which contradicts the tips mentioned above.

Also set limits for winnings. Succeeding in winning 7 to 15% of your initial bet is a very good performance and your session should end there. It’s time to take a break.

The Best Points

Try to focus on short game sessions. Take a break at the end of each game, and try to never exceed 15 to 25 minutes per session.

Concentration is limited to our abilities. Although everyone is different, the level of concentration drops significantly after these 20 minutes, and it is for this reason that the games should not be linked.

Again, Poker is not the game of Roulette for example, Poker requires real concentration skills.

Don’t be fooled by other players. When you start, especially in online poker, you let yourself be influenced by the pseudo of other players. Why? Again, the subconscious. We are used to making an opinion of someone or something just by their name.


David Lockhart