Guidelines Before Shipping Your Car Across the Country

Guidelines Before Shipping Your Car Across the Country

People find it challenging to find a reliable car shipping company. They are concerned about cost and car safety. A little research online might help one clear the doubts until you come up with a vehicle shipping service with a high customer rating. The Internet has made it easy to look for auto shipping companies. Some things you need to get familiar with before signing a transportation service. 

Say ‘No’ to the upfront deposit

The person you send an online request for a car shipping quote can be a broker, who works on commission. They are salespeople trying to sell you a deal to gain a deposit. If you pay the deposit and they are unable to find a carrier, your car will not get transported. As you have given an upfront deposit, you will need to get it back. There may be some cancellation fees mentioned in their T&Cs. The first lesson to learn is not to give an upfront deposit. Many companies never ask for an upfront until they get you fixed with a carrier. 

Check on BBB

You need to find a reputable carrier like Ship a Car, Inc for cross-country or door-to-door transportation services. As you need to ship a car to another state ensure to choose a shipping firm with a good rating on BBB. It is vital because shipping a car for the majority of people is needed mostly once, so you need to stay away from the less honest company as they are not concerned about your repeat business. On you will see the ratings and complaints if any. 

Beware of low quotes

All the quotes you get are estimates. The deposit amount is taken by the broker and remaining to the carrier that hauls your car. If you get low quotes, it means the carrier company is not getting paid sufficiently. It does not grab Carrier Company’s interest therefore your move resides on the website for long. Generally, low quotes with an upfront deposit end up sitting with no carriers showing interest. Be careful! Ensure to get competitive quotes. 

Be cautious about promising shipping timing

In the US, the average time to ship a car door-to-door from one state to another is 7 to 10 days. It can differ because of other customer’s schedules, weather, traffic, and engine issues. As an enclosed carrier holds 6 to 7 cars the auto transport company needs to work around 6 to 7 pickup and delivery time windows. 

If you choose a terminal-to-terminal option then the time frame is longer. Multiple trucks get used to shipping a car, so there can be delays between shipping. Brokers get paid upfront deposit, so if the carrier does not reach on schedules time, it will not disturb them financially. Therefore, while booking discuss the dates clearly and be flexible so you get better quotes. 

Remember the transport cost will depend on the kind of services you choose. Shipping cars on a flatbed is the cheapest but suitable for short moves. Open trailers are also a cheap option to ship your car across the country but risky for exotic, race, and classic cars. Enclosed carriers are safest but expensive. However, extra cost means high protection level, insurance coverage, and extras like loading with lift gates and covering cars.