Guidelines for football manager beginners

Guidelines for football manager beginners

If you are looking forward to start your career as a football manager, then you need to a few things, right from the beginning. It is not a simple task for a completely amateur to play the role of a football manager. There are a lot of tactics and scouting and management involved. You need to also have knowledge of laws and regulations involved in the game. Here are some of the tips of how to be a good football manager so that you don’t end up getting frustrated of this beautiful game.

Player roles are essential

If you are new to football, then you may think that having a team of top-notch players or discovering some unique tactics will be sufficient to win the game… no this is not the case!

It doesn’t really matter how good your team is, how efficient your strategies are. If you don’t assign a specific role to every player of your team, then it will never perform as you desire. If you want to stay ahead, you should notice how your team plays in practice sessions and make note about every player and decide which will best suit your players in football.


Often a manager can have an immediate effect on the newly taken club, it means you can impact on players as well as the club, but it is not reality. It takes a good amount of time to grab all the handles of the new cubs.

It is not important that every football manager can win the league. So, you can ideally manage a team but not be responsible for its win or lose, take real life example, Fergie’s career. He didn’t win the league title till the 7th seasons. Though it may be depressing, but in your case you may not have to wait for so long. However, you should be patient and never get discouraged, if you don’t witness success instantly. Patience is the key to get success.

Find out your limitations

No football manager can run a club solely, no matter what you do, you cannot be perfect in all the sections of your club. You need to have completely trust on your assistant manager and other staff members as they have a vital role in the success of a football manager.

So, if you want to be a successful manager, then knowing your own limitations will be an important step. You can hire staff to handle other things for you in the field where you have limited knowledge. It will help you accomplish better results for you.

Don’t go for media interviews too frequently. However, what you should always do is go for team talks as it has a big impact on the success of the game. Pay close attention to your conduct as well as the conduct of the players.

Being yourself is very important. If you want to stand perfect in the character of a football manager, then you don’t just have to be outside the characters boundaries. Be real and do not dramatize. 

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Nicholas Jansen