Habits Passed on Through Generations to Keep Mind Relaxed

Habits Passed on Through Generations to Keep Mind Relaxed

In the modern society, most people tend to be overtly stressed. It in turn impacts their social behaviour and personal life. Many times, the changes in behaviour also tend to affect the health of an individual. A person needs to be stress-free to lead a happy life. Here are some simple habits that were passed down the generations so that individuals could de-stress themselves and lead a healthy life:

Debating on Important Political and Social Issues

In India, when four people gather, the chances of discussing politics or social issues are very high. This is because the culture in our nation encourages debating and discussing on important political issues. Most of the people in India enjoy discussing different political strategies and how the businesses change the scenario in the cities. People may have contradicting views and they are capable of presenting those in an amicable manner. This helps people broaden their perspective and enhance their knowledge further.

Spending Time Together for Morning Prayers

This is yet another custom that is visible in most households of India. It does not really matter which religion you belong to; the entire family gathers together even today for a prayer session. The few minutes of concentration and prayers early in the morning is a great way for the family to feel they are one.

Morning Walk

Most health-conscious families are inspired to inculcate the habit of going for a morning walk. Most of the old couples find this tradition quite romantic in the Bollywood style. Apart from being a great way to increase metabolism and wake up completely, a morning walk also helps in many ways to de-stress the mind. Researches reveal that brisk walking is a healthier alternative even to jogging. It helps to reduce weight and regain the regular health.

Playing Card Games with Family and Friends

A fun activity with the family is always a great way to improve bonding. Indian rummy has been among the common games played in most households. The flexibility in the number of players and the ease of understanding the rules governing the game makes it extremely popular in most households. When the family does not know one common activity that can bring everyone together, they choose card games, carroms, board games or other fun activities. Dumb charades are yet another popular group activity in most households.

Celebration of Festivals and Marriages

The Indian weddings and festivals are much more than what they seem. During festivals, the entire family gathers under one roof and together cooks interesting sweetmeats and desserts that everyone would enjoy eating together. While some contribute to the decoration part, others contribute to cleaning the house. A group effort on such occasions brings the family together.

Marriages in the household are a matter of family pride. That is why each member takes it on himself/herself to do his/her part well. While today there are event managers to handle all the arrangements, in the past these arrangements were all taken care of by family members. Working so much may seem like a strenuous task but on the contrary, it isquite relaxing. When you feel you have achieved what you tried, it actually makes you feel moreconfident and relaxed.

We most often criticize the old generation and even use this term to mock at our seniors. The way they lived was simpler and hence led to lesser stress. It is not surprising that games like rummy which were played in each household still remain the most popular card game in the online world. Make sure you do not lose these habits and continue to make the best of them.

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