Health Insurance for Pets: Is It Worth Your Money?

Health Insurance for Pets: Is It Worth Your Money?

Is the fear of expensive vet bills preventing you from pet ownership?

At any time, your beloved dog or cat can suffer a health issue that requires emergency care. With that care comes the bill. The thought of that bill keeps you from adopting a furry friend. 

There are so many human benefits from pet ownership. Pet adoption leads to lower blood pressure and lower depression. If you’re scared you don’t have enough money to care for a pet, don’t be.

Health insurance for pets is a great investment for those fearful of veterinarian bills. Here’s why.

Pet Insurance

Pet adoption is a financial investment. There is the initial adoption fee/donation, the cost of a new crate, and initial vaccinations.

If you’re inviting a cat into your home, you need to buy a new litter box, litter for the box, food bowls, and toys.

If your new furry friend is a dog, think about the cost of leashes, toys, food, crates, and cages.

Then you have to add in the cost of regular veterinary check-ups that cost even more money. After these start-up costs, your pet health budget might be thin. Then consider how almost a third of all pets will need some kind of emergency care.

Most people pay emergency vet costs out of pocket. With a pet insurance policy, you won’t have to. Companies like Pet Assure offer what they call Pet Assurance plans with reasonable premiums to help cover emergency costs.

Insurance for Dogs

Dog insurance is different than health insurance for human beings because it does not cover any routine care. Check-ups, vaccinations, or prescription medication falls outside the parameters of coverage.

It also does not cover pre-existing condition treatment. If your dog has diabetes or heart issues, any treatments relating to these conditions will not be covered.

Insurance for dogs is specifically for emergency care with the option for add-on illness coverage. If your dog is injured by a car, or should he or she swallow an object that requires treatment, your policy will trigger.

Insurance for Cats

Cat insurance is similar to dog insurance. Like dog insurance, cat insurance doesn’t cover the typical preventative care like human health insurance policies.

What’s the point, then? You know how cats are. They find themselves in the oddest places inside your home. They can get caught in your basement rafters or in your crawl space. They can eat your plastic grocery bags and form a bowel obstruction.

What cat insurance covers are complications from new illnesses and emergencies. If your cat friend should need x-rays or other treatment, insurance will cover the cost.

Health Insurance for Pets Is an Investment

Don’t let the fear of unexpected medical bills keep a furry companion from improving your life. Sure, pet adoption is full of built-in costs, and nobody plans for an emergency.

Sleep well knowing you and your best friend are covered with an insurance plan. Health insurance for pets is a great investment to make for your pet and for your own peace of mind.

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Edward Powell