How a furnace works

How a furnace works

During the winter, chances are you want nothing more than for your home to be warm and cozy. You may have a furnace in your home that you can crank up to enjoy. Read this article to learn how a furnace works.

As a homeowner, it is a good idea to gain a good understanding of how your furnace works. That way, you will know how to keep your furnace running as well as how to replace it.

Basic Heating Cycle

A furnace that is forced air uses a heating cycle to warm up the home. The heating cycle that the furnace uses is as follows:

  • The ignition of propane or natural gas.
  • The flames from the ignition heat up the metal heat exchanger.
  • The metal heat exchanger warms up the incoming air.
  • The blower of the furnace transfers the heated air into ductwork, which then distributes the heated air into all rooms of the home.
  • The heated air fills the home and the colder air enters the furnace to be heated.

Gas Furnace Components

There are several components that are responsible for functioning together within a gas furnace to make your home warm and comfortable. Some components include the following:

  • Thermostat: There is a switch that is activated by temperature in the thermostat. When the indoor temperature falls before the point you set, the thermostat will tell the furnace to start the heating cycle.
  • Draft Hood/Fan: Air is drawn into the mixes and burners with gas for the creation of combustion. High-efficiency models use a fan that makes combustion fuel efficient and lean. The fan is also responsible for sending heat into the heat exchanger from the burners.

Don’t hesitate to contact an HVAC company for more information about how a furnace works or about furnace repair.

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