How can you screen record on android?

How can you screen record on android?

Screen recording has become one of the most important tools for making videos. But, the problem most people face is that if they don’t have an advanced android phone to help them with that. Though screen recording is in-built in many android phones nowadays, it is still missing from some. And, if you have been facing the same problem, this article will surely solve this problem.  So, keep reading.

It does not matter if we do any professional work in video making or share it with friends and relatives. But, screen recording is one of the most important tools nowadays as people want to flaunt their gaming skills. Sometimes video editing skills and others might use it even for recording videos.

How can you do screen recording using your android?

You may not be aware that the Android 10 beta version had put the screen recording feature, but unfortunately Google removed it, though some phones did put it back in their devices.

Now, coming back to your main problem i.e. how can you do screen recording free on your android? The answer to this question is quite simple. In case, you don’t have a screen recorder in your android to share it, you can simply download a free screen recorder app in your device. But, you may face some issues with these apps, so we have listed down below top 3 screen recorder applications that could help you with that:


  • AZ Screen Recorder: 


This is considered one of the best applications for screen recording. One of the best features of the app is that it does not insert either watermark or have any time limit for recording. It also allows you to doodle on-screen among other amazing features.


  • Obizen Screen Recorder:


Another very good choice for screen recording on android is Obizen screen recorder. One of the coolest functions is that it allows you even to edit and share your videos. You can easily adjust resolution and even add images from your device.

  1. Google Play Games:

The last recommendation we have is mainly for gamers. Google play games are an awesome choice for anyone who wants to flaunt their gaming skills. With 480p SD and 720p HD recording, it is sure to become your favorite and along with this it also gives the option of adding camera footage as well.

Though there are several apps available, the above mentioned three could surely work perfectly for you.

Edward Powell