How do you look for a solar panel installer?

How do you look for a solar panel installer?

Whether you care about the environment or not, solar panels are more than just saving the environment, but keeping more bucks in your bank. However, from all the solar panel installation services on the web, which one should you look for?

  1. Cost

The price you should pay for solar panels has to be one of the crucial, if not the most, factors when considering for an installation. Before listing out a relative price range, the various factors that affect the cost of installation should be understood before making an informed decision.

The components used for your system own a huge part of your payment and are very likely to impact the future performance of your system. Improperly manufactured solar panels, for example, can deviate from the rated output through an extended period, noticeably with the clear plastic on top of the solar cells that turned opaque under intense sunlight.

Another key aspect in power conversion relies on the inverter that turns the direct current from solar panel into alternative current for the power grid in your home. Under-performing inverters loss much of the energy as heat rather than usable electricity that translate your solar system to another global warming culprit.

For a 6kW system, a more reasonable price range is around AUD$5300 to AUD$7000 with solar panels and inverter included.

  1. Warranty

One common association with cheap installation providers is short warranty terms. Because of the low-quality products used, these companies rarely offer warranty over 5 years, as most cheaper components would start to fade after the half-decade mark.

Reputable installers often provide system warranty for at least a decade, while some will offer even more according to their trust to the products that they install. Extended period of warranty is a great signal to the quality of the product.

  1. Brand of panels

It has been inevitable in using Asia-made products with the more affordable pricing associated. While some companies criticise the use of Chinese-made panels, they do not list the brand that they are using or refusing to honestly price their installation service online.

Sungrow and JA Solar are two of the reputable solar panel manufacturers from Chinawhile being listed on the stock market to reflect industry support. With their reputation closely linked to the performance of their stock, brands listed are less possible to make false claims.

  1. Related infrastructures

Solar energy and electricity that is produced cannot be stored without companion battery installed. In order to incorporate the battery module for your electricity use at night, the solar system requires additional components that is associated to an increase cost, not to mention the cost of the battery.

Despite most solar panel installers also offer battery installation services, some will charge unreasonable premiums with the package. Some installers, on the other hand, might not prepare the system for battery addition in a later stage. Therefore, it is key to communicate well with the service provider to prevent any conflicts after installation.

  1. Solar system services

As solar systems being an innovative solution, some companies have been trying to profit from the early adopters but soon gone missing. Therefore, the service after sales is another essential factor to consider when choosing your solar panel installer.

Companies that offer services to solar systems of other suppliers demonstrate their knowledge to the application of solar system and show that they really know what they are talking about.

Edward Powell