How Memorial Ornaments Can Help A Grieving Loved One Move On

How Memorial Ornaments Can Help A Grieving Loved One Move On


If there’s one thing that the pandemic has heavily punctuated — it’s the inevitability of impermanence. Tomorrow is never promised; the people you get to laugh with today may suddenly be gone tomorrow. If you have a grieving loved one, know that the loss they experience is unique and personal. And you have to be really sensitive when it comes to helping them cope. If there’s one thing you can meaningfully do, it is to give them memorial ornaments.

Ornaments honor the life of the deceased. The life of every person is important. To a certain extent, each one of us is able to touch the lives of other people in one way or another. When someone passes away, it’s only worthwhile to remember and commemorate his or her life. Ornaments come in different styles, sizes, and designs and can be customized to send a personal message to the grieving. Use this opportune time to pay homage to the legacy of the deceased and how he or she was able to touch your heart.

Ornaments help capture memories. As mentioned, memorial ornaments can be personalized. If there’s a particular memory or attribute you want to honor (for instance, the deceased was a well-loved baseball coach), you can send an ornament that matches your intent. A simple “In loving memory” ornament can leave a huge impact on the receiver — and help them keep the memories of the deceased alive for the years to come.

Ornaments offer a way to keep your loved ones close. Ornaments evoke a certain kind of warmth — especially when it is sent by someone with a thoughtful heart. Putting these ornaments on display is a meaningful way of remembering the deceased even if he or she’s not physically there, especially on important occasions like holidays and birthdays.

Ornaments remind the receiver that they have people around them who truly care for them. If someone you know is grieving, they are experiencing tremendous feelings of loneliness that can’t be fully explained. Apart from offering practical help, you can express your condolences and care for them by sending ornaments customized with a sweet personal message. Though it may seem nothing big, you should never underestimate the power of love and sympathy that can be shown by simply giving such gifts.

Moving On Doesn’t Mean Closure

The truth is, there’s no such thing as closure when it comes to dealing with the loss of a loved one. Even after the immediate feelings of grief start to subside, it doesn’t guarantee that they won’t feel despondent in the future anymore.

What people need to understand is that “moving on” means learning to live with the unalterable truth that someone dear to them is already permanently gone. It doesn’t mean forgetting about them — it’s accepting the fact that they’ll no longer be with the bereaved.

By giving them memorial ornaments, they can get relief from time to time knowing that someone out there honors the life lived by their loved one. It’s a thoughtful way of expressing how the memories of the deceased will always be remembered.

Edward Powell