How Packaging Can Boost Sales In Key Seasons

How Packaging Can Boost Sales In Key Seasons

When a gargantuan shopping season such as Christmas begins to loom on the horizon, it means that packaging is about to change, with brands big and small seeking to add a Christmas twist to anything they produce to fit the season well.

However, this isn’t the only season that lends itself well to packaging, as the experts at Kendon Packaging will explain in this post.

Valentine’s Day

The ubiquitous heart-shaped box comes into its own during the start of February, where all things romantic come to the forefront. Adding a little dash of romance to your packaging offering during this period is a savvy move to capture the attention of lovebirds when they’re splashing their cash on their other half.


Easter egg boxes, faux baskets and daffodil print will all be en mode during the Easter season, when the clamour for chocolate eggs reaches a frenzy. Decorating your cardboard boxes with a rabbit motif or a simple ‘Happy Easter’ message to boost sales is near essential during this time period.

 Summer festival season

Wholesale retailers, outdoor suppliers and costume shops all receive a boost when people are preparing for the summer festival season by buying alcohol, tents and special outfits for a summer of revelry. Tweaking your packaging to reflect how ‘festival ready’ your products are can be the difference between a huge sales gain and being left by the wayside.

October: spooky season

Most brands tend to adopt a scary alter-ego during the run-up to Halloween, with bats, skulls, pumpkins and ghoulish goblins the norm – and your brand can run the risk of looking bland if you’re not keeping up appearances with your competitors during this period.

A playful idea to jazz up your packing boxes is to stencil ‘trick or treat’ on them, as they’ll be present on your customers’ doorsteps during this period – anything to help attune your brand with the wider world and provoke consumer engagement.

November: Thanksgiving & Bonfire Night

Large multinational entities recognise when two separate cultures have celebrations in the same month – and they plan accordingly. Bonfire Night is celebrated in the UK, but is nonexistent in the US, while Thanksgiving is a huge celebration that is uniquely American.

Creating a flexible packaging strategy that accommodates various events is a savvy move – and one that can help you build a customer base all across the world.

December: The Christmas season

Simply put, there is no larger retail season than Christmas. It swallows up November as well, with Christmas light switch-ons appearing to come earlier and earlier on the calendar. Almost every brand tweaks its packaging offering to accommodate the festive season – from red Starbucks cups to Santa-inspired pastry packaging at Greggs, no brand opts out.

Ignore Christmas at your peril, as you’ll appear to be a bit of a Scrooge if you don’t take part in the annual festive jamboree that happens in retail sectors.

Making sure you’re always aware of the various key shopping seasons that influence consumer behaviour is essential if you are to become a successful business. Without this, your strategic decisions will have no basis in reality and you’ll be leading yourself to failure.

David Lockhart