How To Achieve A Minimalist Kitchen Design

Simplifying a kitchen into a minimalist one always begins with getting rid of the excessive utensils and appliances that you do not need and are not using. This way your kitchen will be decluttered extremely inexpensively without taking much time or thoughtful consideration. Start out by looking for items such as non stick cooking pans, microwave ovens that produce less heat, non-stick cooking spray, non-stick spatulas and skillets. These items are all common and readily available and if they were sold in volume at a discount then they would quickly add up to significant cost savings. Also look at cooking oils and cooking equipment as these also add up to large expenses and while they may be used occasionally, their actual value cannot be measured in monetary terms.

Next, when you are in the process of trying to declutter your kitchen to make sure that you are focusing on the most important parts of your home and leaving the items that are not absolutely necessary. Some items to target include your dishes, cooking utensils, table linens, cooking oil, pots and pans, toasters, vases, dishes racks, wastebaskets, dish towels and kitchen counters. These are all items that will quickly accumulate a great deal of unwanted clutter and debris and hence should be the last items that you wish to part with.

When you have gone through your list and you have eliminated the items that you wish to get rid of then comes the fun part of actually decluttering. Now you can start by sorting the items into piles based on their place in the home. For instance, the kitchen gadgets that you already own should be arranged on a shelf away from the cooking devices or else they will serve no useful purpose for you whatsoever. This could easily happen if you have a number of cooking gadgets but none of them is of any use for you. You can sell or donate some of your gadgets to a charity that helps families who need to make ends meet.

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Bonnie Baldwin