How To Choose A Large Dog Bark Collar? When To Put On A Large Dog Bark Collar?

How To Choose A Large Dog Bark Collar? When To Put On A Large Dog Bark Collar?


Big dogs are no exception to the rule, they bark. Admittedly their barking is more serious and deafer than that of a small dog, but it is not to be heard, quite the contrary. The large dog barks for the same reasons as the small one: defence of its territory, interaction with other animals or humans, games …

Large dogs like the Labrador, the German Shepherd, the Doberman Pinscher are dogs which besides their primary utility (hunting, herding …) are breeds of dogs commonly used to deter or monitor. When someone or something (car…) approaches the dog’s territory: he barks. The goal is to prevent, to show that it is there and that it will defend its space!

The voice of a large dog can carry over several tens of meters, relations with the neighbourhood can suffer and deteriorate … it is therefore sometimes necessary to have recourse to canine training sessions, but additionally in few instances to accessories allowing to accompany instructional lessons, such as bark collars.


The most effective Bark collar for large dogs are stimulation or spray collars. Vibration or ultrasound collars are strongly discouraged as they are not very dissuasive for large dogs. The main advantage of stimulation collars is that they are almost 100% effective and immediate.

Ideally, prefer to buy a model allowing you to educate your companion, devices allowing an audible alert before triggering. It could be a beep to alert the dog or a recording of your voice saying a firm and strict “NO”.

At which time to put bark collar on a large dog?

Should the collar be worn all the time or just on demand? This query remains unresolved, and unfortunately there is no particular answer. Everything will depend on the dog, but also on the situations in which the dog barks. If he barks constantly, for no identified reason (minority of cases), wearing a collar should be considered permanently.

Some dogs bark more heavily when the owner is away, out of boredom, or out of concern (and yes, large dogs can also be worried!) We can then limit the set-up to periods of solitude only.

But be careful, whatever the strategy adopted, the anti-bark collar must not be suffered as a punishment by the dog, he must understand and learn to bark wisely.

A large dog that we decide to adopt – among other things – to deter or keep must be able to bark, even if its sheer size and build may deter a stranger from entering a field for example, he must therefore be taught to bark wisely by combining dog training and anti-barking collar when necessary.

What types of bark collar for large dogs are available?

There are four types of bark collar, the model of which is chosen according to your dog: electric, spray, vibration, and ultrasound. To choose the right model, you can consult our comparison of bark collars.

The electric bark collar is the device that knows the most criticisms, but also the one that meets the best results.

The principle is simple, the case of the collar is fitted with electrodes which send a slight discharge of electricity to the dog in order to sanction the barking.

Completely painless and harmless, the discharge is similar to static electricity. This can in no way injure the dog or make him suffer, only greatly hamper him. Very dissuasive, the results are extremely fast.

Note that it is possible to adjust to adjust the intensity of the discharge according to the dog, a small dog does not feel it the same way as a mastiff.

Finally, for this type of product, the sensitivity of the dog must be taken into account. It is therefore not recommended for a fragile or naturally stressed dog.

The spray collar is the best alternative to the electric collar. The box contains a liquid product which is projected onto the dog’s nose in order to punish barking. The discomfort is multiple: the noise of the jet surprises and the feeling of having the wet nose is absolutely not pleasant. Also, the liquid can be odourless or scented, very often with lemongrass the smell of which dogs hate! This is the most popular collar for small dogs.

Finally, vibration or ultrasound bark collars punish barking by producing a jerk or by emitting a very strident ultrasound inviting the dog to be silent to stop it. Know that the noise is absolutely not audible to humans.

Also, this product is only effective for prolonged barking and is not recommended if you have several dogs. By hearing the ultrasound, they will all be punished for the bad behaviour of only one of them.

Paul Petersen