How to clean a blood stain from car upholstery

How to clean a blood stain from car upholstery

Cars nowadays are the necessity of everyone’s around. As it gives opportunity in travelling long distances due to lack of public transport.

Owning a car is not that easy as it seems because of its maintenance. There are four types of maintenance namely corrective, preventive, risk based and condition based. Regular maintenance includes the inspection of its wheel , its pressure, its brake and engine and check of oil regularly to keep your engine in running condition  it helps save you money, prevent you from getting stuck on the side of the road for help  this will also reduce the chance of car breakdown  and preventing  it from ultimate damage.

Regular washing under the side of the vehicle and the wheels of the car helps to get rid of stuck debris on to the wheels. This regular cleaning aids your car’s value. Car interior is also as important as its exterior as it preserves the original appearance of it.

Car interior includes the car upholstery which refers to the recovering and re-upholstery of the seats. It is crucial to keep it clean and save from UV rays that can fade away your car’s interior. Keep your car interior as new and comfortable so that every time when you get into your car you can enjoy your ride. It will not only give your car an aesthetic look but also increase your selling price.

As parents are the owner of cars they are well aware about the fact that how easily car interiors get dirt, food stain on it and cleaning it and keeping it secure is never ending battle.

Due to some accidental cause if your car upholstery stained with blood which is the most common yet difficult to remove stain as it seeps down and stick into the threads of fabric, so it is necessary to clean it immediately and it also produce foul smell in your car and blood stains leaves mark on the seat and by the passage of time those stains become impossible to remove and it ruins the beauty of your car. One can’t deny the fact that wet blood attracts germs, dirt and bacteria and causes health issues.

There are several easy ways or home base products to clean ugly marks of stain but it is very important to stay away from the harsh chemicals. Effective ways of cleaning are as follows:

Cleaning with a simple salt water solution – dilute two teaspoon of salt in a cup of cold water. Get a white cloth and dip it into salt water solution use this to blot the stain from the upholstery. It will prevent it from further spreading to unaffected areas, rinse it with water and dry thoroughly.

Removing from meat tenderizer paste. Make a  thick paste by adding a teaspoon of meat tenderizer with water and apply it on the area of stain. Leave it for an hour once the paste will dry and scrape it off with an old toothbrush. And clean it with the towel dipped in cold water. Also the use of Hydrogen peroxide is also one of the best and fastest way for the removal of stain

Bonnie Baldwin