How to Deal With Increased Mental Health Issues during the Lockdown

How to Deal With Increased Mental Health Issues during the Lockdown

Sometimes all you need on a bad day is someone to pull you out of bed and show you the bright side of the world. This is why most people with mental health problems tend to keep themselves busy with work and friends. But what happens when that hand fails to reach you? With the ongoing lockdown, many people have started struggling with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. These problems stem from the struggles of staying away from friends and family and the loneliness that follows the struggle. Apart from that, a lot of people especially those who already had minor anxiety issues have started to get triggered due to a change in their routine completely.

Unfortunately, when you start going through mental health issues, everything around you starts feeling dull and out of control. That is why it is better to control the triggers beforehand. Certainly controlling triggers is not easy however below are a few tips that can be helpful in doing so.

  1. Invest time in a hobby:

Taking out time for hobbies from our hectic routines can become quite a hassle. That is why quarantine is the best time to indulge in an old hobby.

  1. Learn a new skill:

Whether it’s painting, singing or yoga, if there has been a skill you always wanted to acquire go for it now. You can easily find an online class these days as all you need to do is sign up and get going. And who knows by the time this lockdown ends you will master a completely new skill.

  1. Catch up with old friends and family:

There is no bad day a cup of tea and a conversation with an old friend cannot fix. Start texting or video calling your old friends to ask them how life treated them all these years when you were away. Tell them how you have been. Maybe recalling old memories will make this time a bit bearable.

  1. Start exercising:

A workout is not only good for your physical health but also helps you keep your mental health intact. It refreshes the mind and helps one feel positive. Try and make working out a part of your everyday routine. It does necessarily have to be a proper high-intensity session maybe you go for Zumba which is both fun and refreshing.

  1. Make sure you have a routine:

Our sleeping pattern has a very big impact on how our mood is. If you are not sleeping at night and snoozing through the day then your day is bound to be dull. Our bodies naturally need the night to relax and the day to function if you mess with this system it will eventually harm you.

  1. Invest in good self-care products:

Believe it or not, self-care products can do wonders when it comes to keeping yourself relaxed. Order a new set of face masks, skin creams, and bath bombs to give yourself a spa treatment at home. You can even make this a weekly routine to kill time.

  1. Download movies:

Sign up for the HughesNet Unlimited Plan and start streaming your favorite shows and movies for a binge-watching session. If you keep yourself entertained with shows and movies your mind will be more occupied by plotlines than your own thoughts and as a result, you will feel less anxious.

  1. Don’t get disappointed:

COVID-19 is an exceptional scenario so the problems you are facing might be different from the norm. Thus, if your regular medicine is not working and neither are the ideas mentioned above doing anything for you then do not lose hope. These times are difficult and you might need some extra help than usual to get through them.

  1. Stay in touch with your doctor:

If you aren’t already visiting a doctor then get in touch with one. Even though physical visits can be a bit hassling amid the pandemic, opt for online sessions instead.

  1. It’s not your fault:

It is absolutely necessary that you remember that whatever is happening to you is not your fault. Do not start blaming yourself for your circumstances and remember you will come out stronger.

Mental health is not something you should take lightly or compromise on. If there is something bothering you or you feel you need help then seek it immediately before it’s too late.

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David Lockhart