How to Earn an Adjuster License

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A licensed insurance adjuster is a challenging and competitive field to enter. Adjusters are responsible for assessing, valuing, and negotiating claims on behalf of either the insurance policyholder or the insurance company. This is a demanding yet rewarding job, making it a desirable field. For those who are interested in becoming an insurance adjuster, they first need to earn their adjuster license. What are the steps that people must complete in order to become an insurance adjuster?

  1. Figure Out What the Requirements Are

Some states require people to be licensed in order to adjust claims in their region. In other states, a license might not be required. For those who are unsure of what they need, it is important to contact the Department of Insurance in that state and ask. This will prevent people from falling short of the requirements. Those who are still in doubt should consider earning a Designated Home State (DHS) license.

  1. Study for and Complete a Licensing Course

In order to become a licensed adjuster, people will need to pass an adjuster licensing exam. In order to pass this test, it is important to take a pre-licensing course. Make sure to find a course that is compatible with your schedule and your learning style. There are many options out there and people should select a course that has solid reviews. These courses should hold the attention of the learner, come with a textbook that complements the lectures, and use real-world examples. After all, this is what is going to be on the licensing exam.

  1. Pass the Licensing Exam

In order to earn an adjuster license, people will need to take and pass the licensing exam. This is a challenging test that will comprehensively review everything that was covered in the course. While there are different thresholds from state to state in order to pass, most of the tests require a score of between 60 and 75 percent. Furthermore, these tests typically have two separate parts. The first will be a national part and the second is going to be an individual state portion. These two sections are scored differently, and people will need to earn passing scores on both.

  1. After the Test Has Been Passed

Once the test is completed and people have earned a passing grade, a license will be awarded. Then, adjusters can start applying for jobs. In some cases, adjusters might want to take additional courses and expand their knowledge base. This could make them more competitive when applying for jobs, allowing them to negotiate for higher salaries. Furthermore, adjusters will need to maintain their license through various continuing education and other requirements.

Clare Louise