How To Increase Your App Ranking?

How To Increase Your App Ranking?

With the huge influx of applications in today’s market, you need to be aware of the ways by which you can make your application rank higher than the rest in the play store or the app store. The following are some of the proven ways.

  • Proper app name 

The application name is no longer just about the brand, they are more related to the keyword. So, make sure the name of your app is in sync with the keyword.

  • Short description and long description 

Every application has a short description right below the name of the app and the logo. The objective and goal are presented in a very eloquent manner.

There is a long description right below the short description which gives a brief of the various features provided by the application. For this, you need to rope in the right product marketers and the documentation specialists who can present every detail in a manner that even the common folk can understand.

The very few lines of the description of the application should give a broader idea of the application. So, make it very up to the point.

  • App Ratings 

You need to get your application rated well by those who use your application. Beware of the fake ratings and reviews as the customers are too sharp these days to figure out the original and the fake reviews. Encourage those who had installed the application to leave ratings by providing coupons or promo codes. These are short term investments that increase the rating of the app and that leads to major long-term income.

  • Have a professional PR team 

It becomes a necessity to maintain a public relations team. They run various campaigns both online and offline. All the campaigns shouldn’t be aimed at just promoting the product alone. They should aim for a general cause and then you can add some promotional content along with it.

These are some of the ways by which you can increase the app ranking. Remember that the success of the app lies majorly on where it ranks in the app store and the play store.

Nicholas Jansen