How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger With Wall Art

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger With Wall Art


Having a small living space has a lot of perks. They’re easy to maintain and can generally cost you less to acquire compared to a bigger area. A small room can give you a sense of security with a warm and cozy feeling, but with a few tweaks, it can also feel like a wide-open space where you can spread out and relax. For people on a budget, personalized wall art is an easy and creative way of doing just that. Here’s how you can use wall art to make your small room look bigger.

Reduce clutter and give you more space

When it comes to decorating, a lot of people tend to rush to the store to get a bunch of cute items that they can display all over the house. But if your room is small and you have limited space, you’ll want to maximize your area. Placing figurines or framed pieces on tables can end up taking a lot of room.

Personalized wall art lets you decorate your small room in a way that doesn’t eat up a lot of space. If you hang your art on your wall, there’s less clutter around you, and the room feels bigger with more available space.

The illusion of extended space

With the right type of personalized wall art, you can give your room the illusion of a bigger space as opposed to a cramped feeling. Don’t be afraid to go bigger on the pieces that you hang on your wall. Larger paintings, pictures or drawings can draw the attention of the audience and transport them into the art world. If you choose items that depict outdoor scenery, there’s a sense that the artwork acts as a window to the outside world and makes the room seem bigger.

A nice trick is also to get rid of the frames and hang your canvas prints. Without heavy and visible borders surrounding the piece, the art seems bigger than its actual size and makes the room feel larger.

The placement of personalized artwork on your walls can also help make your room feel a lot bigger. If you have a narrow space, having different paintings going all the way up to your ceiling makes a person think they’re in a much bigger space. One extra perk is that you’re able to display beautiful pieces using as much available space as you have.

Color trickery

The great thing about personalized wall art is you can customize it to your tastes and even your needs. You can get art in shades that complement your room’s color scheme, giving the people a sense that they’re in an extended space.

Lighter colors like white and pastels are generally more relaxing to look at and give a light and airy feeling to the surrounding area. It’s amazing how the colors of artwork can affect a person’s mood and emotions. By making people feel like they’re in a chill and tranquil place, they automatically feel at ease and feel like they can breathe fully and deeply in a big space.

David Lockhart