How to make class 6 Science studies fun?

How to make class 6 Science studies fun?

As students reach class 6, it becomes important to teach them how the world works. They start asking curious questions about their surroundings and their environment. Their curiosity sometimes even leaves us dumbfounded. Class 6 science is the answer to their curious minds. Science is a tough subject in general but it has been creatively written for class 6. Class 6 science focuses on the practicality and relevance seen in our everyday life. It answers some of the very basic questions that come to children’s minds. 

Students get to know about the different work processes of life. NCERT for class 6 has included some of the most relevant chapters for these young minds. It includes general knowledge about our environment such as how the earth revolves, living and nonliving organisms, creatures of various forms that are on earth and different scientific incidents that are explained in various chapters. These chapters answer children’s simple questions such as where does the food come from and what about the source clothes we wear. But with new concepts and chapters, students might find studying science a bit tough. 

To make studies interesting for young minds, here are a few tips that will engage you in the subject and help you understand it well.

Understanding of new concepts

Understanding of subjects and topics are important whether it is to learn a subject or to make it interactive. Science is almost a new subject for students of class 6. Therefore, understanding plays an essential role. When you will understand the topic, you will be able to connect with the subject. You would want to know about the concepts once you develop an interest. This will help students to score high grades as well as increase their intelligence quotient. 

Create fun games out of chapters

This is the first time science is divided into 3 categories—physics, chemistry and biology. Students might not understand the necessity of this division. This may refrain students from studying a particular category. To avoid this, try to make the subjects fun and interactive. Make quizzes, puzzles and other competitive games out of the difficult chapters and concepts in the NCERT. You can make ‘Do you know’ boxes to highlight important facts.

Make colourful notes and flashcards

Notes in just black and white colour do not catch the attention of students. So, try to make notes with different coloured pens. You can also make flashcards with important facts and points that are important. This will help you to focus on what you are learning. For chemistry chapters, you can write down chemical names on each flashcard to remember. 

Create rewards for yourself

After every act of hard work, one should receive a sweet reward in return. You can adapt the method of rewarding yourself after completing a chapter. This will keep you motivated to work towards your goal. It helps you to stay focused and develops an eagerness to achieve a new goal. Reward yourself after achieving a high score in a test or completing an important chapter in the syllabus. When you put more effort and work on your own will, your results will improve.

Learn from your environment

Science for class 6 is a very interactive subject in itself. The subject talks about the working of everyday life. Use this as a tool to develop your interest in science. Connect the topics that you learn to your everyday life for example friction, working of the human body, force, etc. Many of the experiments mentioned in the class 6 science book do not require chemicals or heavy equipment and can be practised at home. Practice these simple chemical experiments at home to understand the concepts. The power of vision is stronger than any sense, therefore, when you see the concepts unfold in front of your own eyes, they make much more sense. 

Form or join study groups

Studying alone can be boring at times and you might sleep before finishing a single topic. To make studying more effective and less boring, you can form or join a study group. A study group is a group that is composed of students of your age and you get together to study. This is a very effective method to make studies a bit more fun. It will create a sense of healthy competition among the group. You can learn from others and teach them as well. Science is a practical subject, so you can try out experiments mentioned in the NCERT book together under the guidance of an adult.

Develop interest in topics

It is understandable that not each topic is interactive or fun in science. You may come across topics that may be the opposite of what you find interesting. For such topics what you can do is watch videos on YouTube. If there are any documentaries or movies based on processes of the human body or videos that explain the sources of food and clothes, then watch them and understand the gist of the topic. You can also watch educational animations to improve your understanding of certain topics. 

These are some ways to ensure that you will not fall asleep while studying this subject. Due to COVID-19, students cannot go to school to experience the process of learning first-hand. Everything has shifted online but this is the time and the internet as a boon. You can download educational games, quizzes, etc. that are related to your syllabus. You can also visit NCERT science class 6 PDF and download NCERT Solutions for science class 6. You can find study material such as MCQs, quizzes, important topics, revision notes with diagrams, assignments, sample papers etc. NCERT solutions provide you with well-structured solutions to the NCERT exercise. NCERT solutions provide you with the right study material to the above-mentioned over-mentioned tips that will make the subject interesting for you. Science is an interesting subject and if you develop genuine interest, there is a wide arena of opportunities waiting for you in the future.

Clare Louise