How to Prepare for Full Body Tanning

How to Prepare for Full Body Tanning

You may be wondering why you should pay more for a tan when you can simply soak up under the sun. Spray tans might cost more but they have the least damage from the sun such as dark spots, premature aging, sun spots, and skin cancer.

Do you want a full-body tanning minus the harmful UV rays? Indoor tanning can help you have glowing skin and make you feel amazing.

Achieving a perfect, beautiful, and sunless tan is possible as long as you are prepared for the treatment. Setting an appointment for full body tanning should be pretty easy and it can be finished in just a few minutes. The preparation takes a while and this should be taken into consideration before going for a tan. By planning for your tan, you can have the best base for your spray tanning session.

Here are some handy tips to know before going to have your tan:

Remove makeup

It is best to have your tan without any makeup. You can remove your makeup at the salon since there will be provisions for that. Remove any traces of deodorant as this might act as a barrier when you get your tan. Moisturizers and lotions can also interfere with the tanning spray from absorbing into your skin. Skip the makeup and lotion before your tanning session.

Loose-fitting and dark clothes

When you go to your session, make sure to wear loose and dark clothes and remove all jewelry that you are wearing until after the tan is set. This will prevent the clothes and jewelry from rubbing against your skin since this can smudge your tan and stain your clothing as well.


Exfoliation is important before the spray tanning session. Scrubbing can clean the skin and remove the dead skin cells. This will make the skin ready for the spray tan solution. Avoid using an oil-based exfoliator because the oil can act as a barrier. Too much exfoliation is not good as well because this can leave the skin dry and irritated.

Avoid things that open your pores

A hot shower will make you feel relaxed but it will open your pores and your skin will end up being uneven. Should you want to take a hot shower, end it with a cold rinse to tighten your pores. Ice cubes can also help if you cannot tolerate cold showers.

Avoid facials if you are going for a spray tanning session because the tanning solution can clog your pores. If you had a facial, wait for a day before getting a tan to achieve an even spread.

What to do after the session

Allow the spray tan to dry before changing into your clothes. Fifteen minutes waiting time will do.

To extend the life of your tan, avoid water, spas, swimming, and tight clothing because all these can make the tan fade unevenly.

Applying a tan extender every day can maintain your tan while a tanning lotion can extend your tan up to 15 days. For more information, visit:


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