How to Renew Four-wheeler Insurance Quickly During the Extended Lockdown Period

How to Renew Four-wheeler Insurance Quickly During the Extended Lockdown Period

This Covid-19 pandemic has affected the entire world and has claimed a lot of lives. With passing days, the number of cases of the Corona Virus is also increasing, which has affected the economy worldwide. To contain the spread of coronavirus, the lockdown has been extended in the country. This has brought doubt in the minds of individuals whose four-wheeler insurance has expired, whether to renew them during the lockdown or not. Also, with limited travel, people tend to avoid four-wheeler insurance renewal.

Let’s check which types of insurance have deductibles and whether one can skip renewing four-wheeler insurance and the ways to renew it during this lockdown.With the normal functioning of daily activities disrupted, financial concerns have been arising with people losing jobs and trying to save as much as possible. One such concern is to avoid four-wheeler insurance renewal to save on the premiums, but this could lead to a huge loss. How? know more

Is Renewing Insurance Necessary During Lockdown?

Failing to renew your four-wheeler insurance before the expiry date would attract a lot of penalties, and a person would lose all the accumulated NCB. You will not be able to claim any compensation if your car is stolen or is damaged due to any external factors.

What Benefits Have Extended Lockdown Brought to Four-wheeler Insurance Renewal

During this lockdown, the government has extended the validity dates of the four-wheeler insurance considering the recent situation. Extension of validity means that if four-wheeler insurance renewal was due until 31st March, the same can be done by 15th May without penalties.

What is the Importance of the Extension

The insurance ceases to exist if not renewed on time, and renewing it after deadline calls for hefty fines. Third-party insurance is mandatory, according to the Motors Vehicle Act of India. Not having the standalone insurance would attract huge penalties, but one would have to pay all the expenses from the pocket. The extended date would give policyholder time to get the policy renewed on time.

How to Renew Car Insurance During Lockdown?

You can now renew your car insurance online by visiting the website of the insurance provider. Four-wheeler insurance renewal option is now easy and affordable, with just entering the essential details. The renewal option is applicable for both third party insurance and comprehensive car insurance.

The process to renew the four-wheeler insurance

  • Click on the “Renew Existing Insurance Policy” tab
  • Fill your policy details that include your registered mobile number, Policy number, and your email-id
  • Choose your preferred car insurance plan whether comprehensive insurance or third-party insurance
  • Choose the add-on covers that would be suitable for your four-wheeler
  • Once you have finalised the policy get your quote and make payment through the secured path
  • Your renewed policy documents would be mailed to your registered mail-id

This lockdown should not deter you from keeping your car safe and protected from all perils. You can also switch your insurance provider if you find better benefits in some other policyholder.

Edward Powell