How to Restore Water Damages?  

How to Restore Water Damages?   

One nightmare that haunts any house owner is a water damage spot. These are the losses, which are formed by water on any kid on the surface, like wood, steel, wall, etc. The water intrudes into the surface and destroys it with the process of bacteria growth, mold growth, rusting, and delaminating plywood. Does not matter if your house is new or old, water damages can happen anytime and anywhere.

These damages are not at all minimal; they can severely destroy the surface. If you want to get rid of these patches, then follow the below-mentioned steps for a quality water damage cleanup:

  • The type of damage

Check carefully what type of water damage it can be. The type of water has been classified into three – clean, grey and black water. Rain is the main source of clean water and the grey water comes from washing machines, used toilets and so on. The black water is the worst, which contains bacteria. If any part of your house has been affected by these, then step back and call the professionals.

  • Inspect

Mould on the surface can be dangerous too for humans. If the mould is new, then you can cut it off and segregate it from any direct human contact. If it is found out that the mould is old and gaseous, then professionals must be called to deal with it.

  • Action

If the damage is very less, then a simple trick can solve the problem. Try to dry up the moist area as soon as possible. Try to use high-speed fans to circulate the air. If it’s a small mold on the wall, you can use the hair-dryers too.

  • Disinfect


Cutting out a piece or drying the surface is not all that you have to do. Once you detect the mold on the surface, make sure that the other parts are not affected. So, what should be done about that? Well, you can make a bleach solution and spread it all over the surface, and then dry that up. It will save the rest from further damages.

The above-mentioned tricks can be done at home. Make sure that you are properly covered before operating on the water damages. If you want to go for professionals, then the charges may vary from $7-$10.

Nicholas Jansen