How to train your dog?

How to train your dog?

If you are planning to raise a dog or dogs and don’t know how to train them than you are in a right site because in this article we are going to share with you the basic knowledge of dog training. Having a dog at home isn’t that much easy job because like a child you have to be trained it. Training a canine is a fun. There are many basic things you should learn to train your pooches. At first it looks pretty overwhelming if this is your first time but the truth is this is a big task and project. There are few things you should keep in mind while training your canines.

If you do not have the time or patience to train your own dog, our suggestion is to find a professional dog trainer in San Francisco, California. There are many dog training companies located in San Francisco, CA worth checking out. One company that truly stands-out is called 360° Dog Walker. We highly suggest checking this company out if you’re looking for an experienced dog trainer who really knows her stuff. Nancy Bernard is the owner of this company and has been in the business for over a decade.

Start a Canine Obedience Program

Dog’s obedience program is very much important for those who are new in the job of raising dogs. This program is about the good behaviour in dogs. It is said that there are no bad dogs, only uneducated owners. You can take classes through the dog training institute or there are many websites who are working on this subject you can learn basics from there. Dogs are animal if you don’t teach them you cannot expect good behaviour from them. A well trained dog fits everywhere with everyone. Teach them how to be socialized and how to behave if they see other canines. Well trained and socialized dogs are healthier and happier than untrained pups. Without obedience training they do not know how to behave after all they are animals and don’t think like humans.

Train Your Pup Using Games

As we all know it’s easier to learn when you are having a good time. Learning through games is a fun. Try to learn how to play with dogs. Dogs enjoy playing with their owners and little kids. It can also prevent boredom of your pup. Take your dogs to the parks or beaches and play them and while playing they learn a lot. There are also dog trainers if you don’t have adequate time or are busy in your work then hire some dog trainer for this job. Through playing with your dog, you can stimulant its mental health. (1)

Six Weeks to a Well Trained Pup

You can teach your dog with structured program. Consistency is the key of learning something whether it’s a human or animal. Be consistent and teach your pup through six weeks structured program. Use some commands for a week if these are learnt by your pup than move on to the next for other weeks.

Positive Reinforcement

Although there are many different ways to train a pup but most pup professionals have suggested the positive reinforcement way. As it is the best way for both the trainer and dog. By positive reinforcement to train your pup means you reward the behaviours you like and ignore the behaviours you don’t. When you feel like your pup done a good job you just treat it through games, walks or car rides and appreciate it. This is a good way of learning something.

There are many other ways to train your dog you can learn through dog trainers. Dog trainers are the professionals who are dealing with this matter.


David Lockhart