Inspiration Behind ” Gotta Get up” By 5ofclubs Will Melt Your Heart

Inspiration Behind ” Gotta Get up” By 5ofclubs Will Melt Your Heart

5ofclubs, drops his second single of the year, “Gotta Get Up” after “Put It Down.” which was a grand hit. This groovy track reflects the motivation for the melody by beginning solemn and steadily moving into a lighter, persuasive sound. The sound of the tune makes an extraordinary association for all, and it’s anything but difficult to see this tune flourishing in the EDM kind.

When they were asked about what was the inspiration behind this song, he replied in the most beautiful way possible by saying ” Nothing was helping and the only thing we could do is keep getting up each day in hopes it will eventually pass.” And just like this message the song inspires you to push forward in life no matter what happens.

His story about how he became what he is and how the name 5ofclubs was given is also interesting and inspiring.  The name, 5ofclubs, comes from the cardology card associated with his birthday. The currently anonymous producer who works over 100 hours per week has finally decided to focus more on his music career. What started as a bucket list item to learn to produce music has now grown into a passion and the main purpose of his life.

“Gotta Get Up” is accessible now on Spotify . You can also listen it on Instagram and  Twitter.

Visit his website to know more about him.

Edward Powell