Is it necessary to hire a professional to replace your water heater?

Is it necessary to hire a professional to replace your water heater?

If you know your local construction and fire codes, are fitted and learn how to solder pipe joints, and can legally sign off on a gas installation, you don’t need a professional plumber.

Sounds easy?

Hell no!

If you’re thinking about installing a new water heater yourself, you should think twice after weighing all the risks. It’s not a simple project, and errors can have serious consequences. You shouldn’t install your water heater in the same way you wouldn’t represent yourself in court or practice medicine on your own.

The following are some of the reasons why you should hire a professional to install your new hot water heater in Adelaide:

1. Risk of Fire and Explosion

Because most water heaters in Adelaide use natural gas, you’ll have to heat your water with combustible fuel. Because these fuels are highly flammable, even a minor installation error can result in a severe fire or even an explosion! It’s not worth risking your family’s lives, let alone the property damage, by doing your installation.

2. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Gas-fired water heaters need a lot of ventilation. Carbon monoxide builds up when there isn’t enough airflow. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a medical emergency, and people who are exposed to high levels of the gas risk brain damage and death. Because carbon monoxide is an odorless gas, you wouldn’t be able to detect a leak (unless you have a functional carbon monoxide detector). When it comes to installing natural gas products, even seemingly minor errors can have serious consequences.

3. Product Knowledge

Remember that most online and in-person sales people aren’t trained in water heating. They may have good intentions, but they can’t match a trained and licensed plumber’s product expertise. You should consult a specialist to find the water heater that best suits your family’s needs.

4. Home Resale Issues

You may want to sell your house at some point. You would have to pay to have the water heater inspected and authorised if you installed it yourself. Failure to meet inspection standards may result in repairs and possibly re-installation. As a result, you could end up paying twice. When it comes to selling a house, you don’t need all of this stress and inconvenience!

5. Peace of Mind

When you hire a licensed plumber, you’re not only getting a job done right; you’re also getting the peace of mind for yourself and your family. It’s reassuring to know that you won’t face any property damage, loss of health or life, or other problems if you decide to resell your home.

When the system of hot water in Adelaide is installed, a licenced plumbing water heater specialist will ensure that it is permitted and up to code. Choose a reputable company that stands behind its work and provides a warranty or a guarantee. If an issue arises when the unit is under warranty, your technician will be able to resolve it.

Don’t put your family’s safety and comfort at risk just to save a few bucks. It isn’t worth the effort. Call a specialist to put your mind at ease.

Clare Louise