Is There Any Scientific Link Behind Wearing Bangles?

Is There Any Scientific Link Behind Wearing Bangles?

Bangles possess a lot of cultural worth in the lives of Indian women. It is more popularly referred to as Choodi in Hindi, Bangles are generally made from copper, glass, plastic, silver and can be availed in different models and colours. The bangle wearing culture in India has been existing in the county for a long time now. Although, even in the present time’s women choose wearing bangles for enhancing their feministic beauty and grace. The term bangle has been derived from the very basic Hindi word Bangri, which has a similar meaning in Sanskrit too. Bangles are not just a part of our tradition, but they are associated with a lot more factors. Rose gold earrings are another great option for enhancing your look uniquely.

The multi-colored bangles that have increased the grace of the wrist of women for decades now are more than just an adornment accessory and can also be attributed to a lot of scientific and spiritual factors. To know more about this, read further:

  1. Maintaining blood circulation 

Since bangles are an accessory that is worn on the wrist, they result in consistent friction against the wrist, which helps the blood circulation level to increase. Additionally, the electricity which passes out the outer layer of the skin is again turned back to the body of the person wearing them.

  1. Reduces stress

In many areas including the Southern part of India, people organize a ceremony known as a baby shower in which the women get bangles as gifts to wear. This ceremony might look simple bit has a very intense scientific meaning. As stated by a lot of studies conducted by scientists all over the world, during the seventh month of the pregnancy, the baby starts developing different body features which let it recognize and learn the sounds. So, the tinkling sound caused by bangles offers an acoustic stimulation to the senses of the baby.

  1. Maintain emotional balance 

Bangles made from glass are considered as moderators and pacifiers of powerful emotions. Researches on this topic conducted by different organizations all over the world have proved that women who wear bangles experience a lower level of stress and pressure on the body or head and fatigue.

  1. Prevents negative energy 

It is a popular belief that the tinkling sound produced by bangles because of the friction caused in the wrist of the person who is wearing it helps in preventing the negative energy from the wearer. Wearing Bangles keeps negative energy away from not just the wearer, but also her family and relatives.

The points mentioned above are some important benefits that one can gain from wearing bangles. Bangles have a lot of spiritual, scientific, and health benefits attributed to them. Bangles are of different types and the wearer can choose the ones which suit their preference. One can get bangles in different colours, sizes, designs, and materials too. You will find a lot of stores near you if you want to buy daily wear bangles for yourself.

Bonnie Baldwin