Keep Your Hens Safe And Hygienic With The Suitable Chicken Coops

Keep Your Hens Safe And Hygienic With The Suitable Chicken Coops

Chicken farming is the fastest-growing poultry industry in New Zealand due to the rise in the consumption of chicken. When you start chicken farming, the small chicken baby needs the utmost care as they are very delicate. They need a dry and safe place to live, roam and grow inside their coop. Also, the hybrid chicken (meat birds) which grows very fast and aren’t very active needs special care and their coop must free from any dampness. Their feeding arrangement should also be adequately available inside the coop. You can choose the suitable Chicken Coops nz as per your space requirement and room availability. In any situation, proper ventilation is the essential criteria while you are selecting the coops for your chickens.

Choose The Best Suitable Chicken Coops

While selecting chicken coops, there are certain essential things you should consider keeping chicken happy and healthy, which helps them in fast growth.


  • Purpose Of Chicken Farming
  • You should know your requirement first, whether you are going to farm chickens for the poultry industry or growing show chicken for business purpose or keeping in your garden as a pet. Material selection, designs, size and shapes are primarily depended upon this factor.
  • Types Of Chicken You Are Going To Grow
  • Chickens for meat (meat birds) are not very active and so simple cage type coop made from a metal frame with proper fencing is sufficient. But always keep in mind that the coop should be dry, enough space to roam around for chicken, adequate drainage and feeding arrangement. However, in case of keeping chicken or hens as a pet needs chicken coops having ample space, especially the vertical one, as these chickens are very active and do a lot of exercises.
  • Number of Chickens You Are Going To Grow
  • After deciding the purpose and types of chicken, how much chickens you are going to farm is the most important criterion while selecting chicken coops. If you are farming a large number of chickens for consumption purpose, you need a large area to establish the chicken coop. Metal frame coops with net fencing all around are suggested at this point having proper ventilation with waterproof top. Layered Chicken Coops nz can also opt, which will help you in growing large number of chicken within the same available space. Generally, they do not need nesting place separately as they grow very fast and less active.


While in case of a smaller number of chickens as a pet you can go for wooden chicken coops having play area as well as the roosting house for your chicken.

    • Place Of Farming
    • In case you are farming chicken at a place where there are close neighbours you must keep the chicken coops hygienic. For this, you should buy chicken coops having proper drainage and ventilation facilities. The gate of the coops selected should be large enough so that proper wash can be done frequently.


  • Extreme Weather Condition- In this case, go for chicken coops with waterproof tops with enough large closed resting place for chickens.


  • Fear Of Predators– Proper locking arrangement and high-quality material of coops are required in case of continuous fear of predators.

In a nutshell comfort, safety and hygiene are the three most essential criteria you should follow while you are going for Chicken Coops nz.

Nicholas Jansen