Kitchen cabinet trends for 2020

Kitchen cabinet trends for 2020

Updating your home is a great way to keep it fresh and stay coherent with the times. It’s also an easy way to ensure your home does not lose its value. One, in particular, that’s a buyer’s dream is your kitchen.

Kitchen trends for 2020

Choose stone –

If you’re looking to add a classy yet luxurious feel to your kitchen, exchange your current kitchen counters for marble. Marble comes in a variety of colors with various design aspects. Today, the veinier the marbles look, the more appealing it is.

Don’t stop with just counters, update your backsplash to include marble as well. Going counter to ceiling with marble is very appealing in many kitchen designs.

Go natural –

Another trend that’s going to keep dominating kitchen designs is going natural. Natural wood, natural stone, and natural accessories are really popular for not just eco-friendly advocates. Natural is timeless so regardless of what is popular at the moment, you’ll save yourself in the long run on updates.

Pop of color –

You may have seen a few images in your favorite home decor magazines, Architectural Digest, or on Pinterest where the pop of color kitchen catches your eye. Whether you’re looking for vibrant color, dark tone, or simply want to add a little contrast to your space – this trend is one that’s not expensive and can be changed regularly.

Painting your current kitchen cabinets a new color is an ideal way to accomplish this pop of color trend. Or, better yet, paint your island and keep all the cabinets a neutral white, grey, or light brown.

Forget the knobs –

You don’t need to have a modern kitchen design to accomplish this kitchen trend. Remove the knobs on your kitchen cabinets and opt for push to open features or just open the cabinets from the bottom of the doors.

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