Living Spaces That Speak: 4 Tips For Proper Interior Design Showroom Etiquette

Living Spaces That Speak: 4 Tips For Proper Interior Design Showroom Etiquette

There are no stringent rules on visiting an interior design showroom because it is much more different than a museum with valuable and intricate artworks. However, it pays to have a little decency in how you dress, act, and carry yourself. Why? These are professional facilities where people provide specialised services and other related matters.

You might feel a tinge of intimidation or the idea that interior design services in Singapore are only for a select few. The good news is that it is for everyone, regardless of background, knowledge, and other factors! In this article, let us explore some notes on proper manners and etiquette:


We are not asking you to wear a cocktail dress or a linen polo unless you will be attending a brand launch with a prescribed dress code. All in all, the key is to dress appropriately and use your best judgement. For instance, you are about to visit a commercial interior design company in Singapore for your office needs. Here, consider wearing something acceptable in the workplace or a professional outfit, even if there are no rules from the design agency.


Most showrooms and other design offices are bespoke spaces with exquisite artful concepts. Aside from that, you can expect a simple office to have a professional feel despite not having a luxurious atmosphere. What does this mean? Always speak softly and calmly because these places are not for loud conversations and unnecessary banters. You must keep a peaceful tone inside the interior design showroom.


Reading the room means examining the thoughts and overall atmosphere of the place to know the appropriate things to say. For example, you are consulting a luxury home and commercial interior design agency in Singapore. In this situation, knowing the aura or demeanour of the sales representative is essential to filter what goes out of your mouth, such as avoiding insensitive words, lowering your tone when talking, and matching the energy of the other people in the room.


Regardless of the design principles and market of the interior design showroom, do not feel nervous because the professionals are there to help you. Luxury customers should not feel intimidated because the sales team can handle any concerns they might have, while casual clients still need to take into account the importance of following good conduct while enjoying their time.

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Edward Powell