Lowell Cafe – America’s First Weed Restaurant

Lowell Cafe – America’s First Weed Restaurant

As a result of the legalization of cannabis in a handful of states: Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, and California, a new restaurant is opening soon. The Lowell Cafe: A Cannabis Café has been a project in the works for at least four years. Now, Lowell Cafe is opening in West Hollywood in October and will be the first restaurant serving cannabis, more commonly called weed, in the US. They are the forerunners to help end the prohibition of cannabis. They will provide access to cannabis at a restaurant that is safe and free of the negative thoughts commonly associated with weed.

Andrea Drummer, the infamous chef well known for her ability to create meals created with high end cannabis since 2012. For Lowell Cafe, she has developed a complete menu of dishes without weed that pairs wonderfully with the organic cannabis available at Lowell Farms. The restaurant serves food that is farm fresh, coffee, tea, juice and cannabis. The cannabis menu changes daily. Chef Drummer creates a menu that pairs well with Lowell Farm’s all natural, high quality cannabis. Cannabis opens your palate so you are better able to taste and smell food. Lowell Cafe does not serve alcohol but it is not legal to serve alcohol and cannabis in the same space. You will not miss it, though, thanks to the drinks infused with cannabis.

The Lowell Cafe welcomes everyone, even those not interested in partaking in any of their amazing products. In an effort to control the smoke for those who are not interested in breathing in the cannabis, the Lowell will have heavy duty ventilation. It is a system with vents and exhausts that are filtered similar to the systems found in casinos in Las Vegas. The weed restaurant will house plants that have a fragrance to limit the cannabis smell. The Cafe welcomes patrons of all experience levels. The restaurant has Flower Hosts that assist you through your entire experience. They help you understand the impacts and differences of CDB and THC. They recommend that you start slowly and learn how the various strengths of cannabis will make you feel.

You do not need a restaurant to enjoy the experience at Lowell Cafe, but they recommend them. There is not a cover charge to enter the restaurant until 10:00 PM. You do not have to purchase or consume cannabis. You can take in the beauty of your surroundings without getting high. The company that owns Lowell Cafe is Lowell Farms. In addition to consuming cannabis in the restaurant, you can purchase additional items that have weed and CBD. You must pay cash for these items. They offer items including edibles that are pre packaged, vapes, flowers, and concentrates. They have a website where you can order many of their products so you can enjoy them anytime.

Keep in mind that you must be 21 years or older to enter Lowell Cafe. You must present a valid picture ID to gain entry. Even if you have a medical card, you must be 21 or older to enter the Cafe. The Cafe is open until 2:00 AM, you can only purchase cannabis until 10:00 PM, with a strict last call at 9:50 PM. After that, you can bring in your own cannabis to enjoy. Be sure to visit Lowell Cafe on your next visit to West Hollywood.


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