Mark Roemer Oakland Reveal the Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Wood Flooring for Your Next Home Renovation

   Mark Roemer Oakland Reveal the Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Wood Flooring for Your Next Home Renovation


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, despite the emergence of vinyl, tile, and laminate flooring, wood flooring remains one of the most popular options. Let’s check out why you should go with the same for your next home renovation:

The Benefits

  1. Long-term investment – Whether you opt for hardwood flooring or highly resilient engineered wood flooring, you are making a long-lasting investment for your home. Wood floors have an unbeatable charm both in terms of design and quality and will remain ageless for decades. They can also blend well with any sort of furniture and home decor theme. If you make your floors with wooden planks, they usually have tight grains and high resilience compared to other materials. Moreover, the quality finish on the planks increases their resistance to scratches and stains. When you opt for planks, you also get modularity. That means replacing a damaged part of the floor is very easy and cost-effective.
  2. Aesthetics and elegance – One of the best things about classic choices is they never go out of fashion. Wood flooring looked amazing a century ago, they look even better today and will continue to have their appeal far into the future even with tough competition from new modern flooring solutions. Moreover, if you make your flooring from hardwood, it’s no different than fine wine. Unlike carpets or tiles, it ages gracefully with minor wear and tear built up over the years. Apart from that, it adds warmth and character to your home. Contrary to that, when you install tiles and laminates with a modern and neutral design, they evoke a cold feeling and may not give a welcoming vibe.
  3. High durability – Very few things last for decades. Hardwood flooring is one of them. They are so durable that you or the owner after you won’t need to replace them throughout your life. Apart from looking great, wood can stand a lot of rough use and won’t get damaged easily. To get the most out of your hardwood flooring, you should check for the firmness of the top layer. Its hardness corresponds to its resilience, and you won’t need to worry about dents for a very long time.
  4. Easy maintenance – Wooden floors are also very easy to clean and maintain. If you are a young couple, you may have less mess on your hands. However, things would get crazy when you decide to expand the family with little feet running around everywhere. Wooden floors with certain finishes don’t attract stains and dirt. Cleaning them can be as easy as a wipe. If you’re worried about warping, make sure that you take care of soda or beer spills quickly. Leaving liquid on the floor for a long time isn’t good for wooden flooring.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you also consider the value wooden flooring adds to your home. Even if the resale value doesn’t experience a crazy jump, you will get more eager buyers and sell the house quickly.

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