Pearl Stud Earrings According To Pearl Types

Pearl Stud Earrings According To Pearl Types

Pearl studs are a staple in the modern world as they symbolize grace, refinement, and wealth. These are an ideal accessory for women leaders, who desire to impress. Pearls are an organic gemstone that has a special standard in the jewelry market besides diamonds, sapphires, and rubies.

Diamonds are used to design exuberant jewelry pieces, but even pearls possess an exclusive elegance. This has made them a must-have in her jewelry collection for many decades. Pearl earrings have an unusual delicacy, which makes them appealing to every sophisticated woman.

High-class powerful women have worn pearl studs. Even a simple outfit gets a touch of refinement. Pearl studs have been passed from generation to generation as family heirlooms. Due to the evolution in the pearl production process, more and more women can buy pearls. Women from each economic background have a pair of pearl jewelry in their collection.

Real pearls hold their standard of beauty but replicas have helped women get a more stylish look within their budget. You can buy pearl studs in multiple shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

Tahitian pearl studs

Exotic black pearls with metallic tints make a pair of studs look very elegant. The dark shades are available up to 17mm in size. This allows jewelry designers to design varieties of earrings ranging from delicate to bold pieces.

Freshwater pearl studs

The most versatile options are available in the market. It doesn’t matter if you wish to buy black, white, pink, or lavender pearl studs. You get a plethora of colors and undertones to choose from the freshwater pearls.

Akoya pearl studs

Classic white pearl studs are created with Japanese Akoya. Black Akoya pearl studs are valuable as they are in demand.

Baroque pearl studs

Baroque pearls are for those adventurous women, who desire to express their unique style. The pearls are available in exceptional shapes, so they can be used to design traditional or modern style statement jewelry.

South Sea pearl studs

The South Sea pearls are the largest type. They are available up to 20mm size. Due to their impressive size and quality [thick nacre covering] the studs available are very valuable.

Look for double pearl studs or pearl cluster studs or pearl diamond studs, which are also popular among women.

Edward Powell