Perfect Blending of Espresso Ground Coffee from Whole Beans at Home

Perfect Blending of Espresso Ground Coffee from Whole Beans at Home

Are you a coffee addict who always look for new flavors to satisfy caffeine craving? We understand the love of people for coffee because of its distinct aromatic flavor and dark texture. Coffee is the second most-consumed drink after tea that you can prepare in numerous ways. However, we always prefer a renowned cafe to enjoy our favorite espresso, cappuccino, mocha or filter coffee. It seems like a lot of skills are necessary for preparing a perfect shot of coffee. It is true to an extent but coffee making is not as hard as we consider it. Even if there is no need to buy expensive equipment for preparing different variants of this drink. You just need a perfect recipe that we are going to elaborate on in the article below. 

How to make a perfect shot of espresso at home?

Brewing espresso without a dedicated machine is now possible with the help of alternatives like AeroPress, Moka Pot and French Press. All of these methods work similarly to obtain a strong and dark blend. Here we are going to prepare espresso with the help of AeroPress. 

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Important things to arrange 

  1. AeroPress tool 
  2. Coffee grinder (Burr mechanism)
  3. Roasted coffee beans 
  4. Kettle 
  5. Measurement tablespoon 

This is all you are all set for the preparation of an espresso shot in the kitchen. 

Preparation process 

  1. Take your kettle and heat one cup of water at around 96 degrees C. 
  2. Use your burr grinder to grind the fresh coffee beans with precise consistency. 
  3. Rinse the AeroPress in with hot water after putting a filter on it. Fix the drain cap of this device and place it on the coffee mug. 
  4. Put your roasted ground coffee in the AeroPress device and tamp down tightly. Any cylindrical object with a smooth surface will work here if you don’t have an espresso tamp. 
  5. Precisely measure a half cup of hot water and pour it in the AeroPress while stirring it gently. Keep on pressing the coffee with hands until the plunger completely depressed over the roasted beans. 
  6. Your dark espresso shot is ready to serve for a better kick start in the morning or refreshing in the evening hours of workload. 

Things to consider while roasting your coffee beans 

Coffee tastes best only when its beans are fresh and perfectly roasted. Thus; you need to take the utmost care of its roasting process. Here is a list of some tips to help you:- 

  1. Never roast the beans while exposing them to the direct flame because the dry shell of beans is inflammable. 
  2. You cannot roast coffee beans in a hurry because less or more temperature badly affects its taste. Also, it creates problem while brewing in the coffee machine or AeroPress device. 
  3. Prefer a burr grinder for grinding the roasted beans to prepare espresso or Lavazza ground coffee. The consistency in crushed particles matters a lot when you are preparing a perfect blend. 
  4. Try to select the beans of the same size for roasting and processing. In a random packing of coffee beans, you will find beans of different sizes. They are obtained from different cocoa plants. If you want consistency in the aroma and flavor, it is advisable to select the beans of the same size because of their similar maturity period. 
  5. After roasting, allow the beans to cool down and attain perfect flavor for the next 24 hours. 

Types of coffees you can obtain after roasting


  1. Light roast 
  2. Medium roast 
  3. Medium-dark roast 
  4. Dark roast 
  5. Burn 


For preparing a strong shot of espresso Italian ground coffee, you need to attain the level of at least a medium-dark roast. 


Edward Powell