Perfect Games and Bets You Can Count On To

Perfect Games and Bets You Can Count On To

On the one hand, we have the teams that still have something to play. Whether for Europe or relegation, some teams are more used than others to resist pressure during the final sprint. Between a team which struggles every year not to descend and another which finds itself in a delicate situation for the first time, there is no doubt that the first will have more experience to manage these choppy matches. The same goes for teams fighting for European places. The big teams who play big games every year will have better control over the last high-stakes games of the season than a so-called “second zone” team.


On the other hand, we have the teams that have nothing more to play except to end the season in style. The players have nothing more to lose, they play free, and it is not uncommon to see officially relegated teams overcome formations struggling to access European places. It’s up to you to analyze the meetings to try a bet that is ultimately not so crazy.

And otherwise?

Between these two periods long months pass. The days go by and sometimes look alike. However, there is once again a better time for Sbobet88 indonesia betting when a team plays European games. In his case, it may be appropriate to bet on the championship match just before and the one just after the cup match. As for the match before, the coach may decide to let some starters rest. There is then less difference in level, theoretically, between the European team and its opponent in the league. As for the next match, the logic is more or less the same: either the holders of the European Cup match are renewed and then less physically fresh, or the place is given to young people who benefit from less high level experience.

European Cup

It is also wise to bet a few crowns on a result when the coach of one of the two teams has just changed. As said before, he will not yet know his team well and may take a few days before finding the most suitable tactical scheme.

Set a road map and don’t change course

Anglo-Saxons also use the term ‘bankroll management’. This consists of setting the rules of engagement for bets and not changing all the time. Start determining a monthly deposit amount that you should not exceed and stick to your limits. You can use it for the mechanisms of ‘ responsible gaming ‘ set up by the operators on their sites . Do not commit more than 5% of your bankroll on an elementary bet. Finally, use multiple bets and other combos sparingly.

Learn from your past mistakes

Experience feedback (REX for short) is a technique widely used in high-performance companies (CAC 40 companies or other SME). It allows lessons to be learned from the successes and mistakes of the past to better prepare for the future. This method is easy to implement for an individual and applies perfectly to betting on soccer. You certainly spend a lot of time evaluating the valuebets you are going to bet on. But how much time do you spend after the game analyzing the mistakes made? It is by devoting a significant amount of time to the analysis of your results (positive or negative) that you will progress in betting on football.. A little order and method will also be welcome to conduct these feedbacks: use a notepad or better an Excel spreadsheet to accommodate all your comments.

We have deliberately limited these precepts to 5 for a winning strategy. You will find on the Internet a lot more advice, more or less serious, to bet effectively on football. But in the end, only these 5 basic axioms will allow you to grow your bankroll over the long term.


Nicholas Jansen