Protein and Fat Content in Raw Dog Food

Protein and Fat Content in Raw Dog Food

Unfortunately, obesity remains one of the most common issues in dogs across America. However, this is also one of the most preventable conditions. All one has to do is invest in caring for their dogs. Besides exercises such as walking, playtime, and running, you can also easily control the dog’s weight by taking care of the food it consumes. Make sure your dog’s diet is not in excess as this will end up being stored and contribute towards making the dog obese. Understand the appropriate fat amounts that are considered safe for your dogs. This may mean looking at all the food components and portions needed in an adequate diet.

Protein Content in Raw Diets

Protein content varies from one source to another. Dogs need foods rich in proteins. Note that this should also be controlled and well-portioned. For example, rabbits, quails, and wild turkeys are high protein sources, while beef, chicken, and lamb have lower protein amounts.

Fat Content in Raw Foods

The fat content in your dog food is also a significant consideration. For example, meats like lambs, duck, and pork are great fat sources since they have high-fat amounts. On the other hand, turkeys, rabbits, and quails have low-fat levels.

Weight Management in Dogs

With the information mentioned above, pet owners need to determine what their dogs need based on their size and weight. Usually, obese or overweight dogs should feed less on fatty foods than leaner or underweight dogs.

If your goal is to help your dog lose weight and become leaner because it is overweight or obese, then you should feed it more protein-dense foods. Going by the details on the different fat compositions of the foods, it is easier to tell which foods are best suited for your dogs. Obesity is a significant issue in many dogs across the country. However, this does not rule out the other group/ category of dogs that do not seem to put on much weight. This is even more concerning for superactive dogs. For this category of furry animals, you need to invest in high–fat foods that can help them sustain their active lifestyle.

On the other hand, some dogs are not very active but are slightly underweight. These do not need lots of fats in their diets. You ought to increase the portion of healthy balanced raw food and keep adding the food portions incrementally. With time, the dog will get to a weight that is manageable and safe for them. Beware of overfeeding such inactive dogs since they can quickly become obese and create new problems that you do not want happening to them.

Regardless of your weight goal, make sure to buy your pet food from Houston Raw Pet Food. They are reliable and have good quality pet food that supports all your dog’s needs.


Clare Louise