Qualities that attract Men other than physical appearance

Qualities that attract Men other than physical appearance

Physical appearance is the first thing we notice in the front person as soon as we meet them. But after casting first impression, your personality traits becomes main aspect that takes charge in carrying forward your relationship with the other person.  Moreover, when it comes to men, it becomes all the more important.

Feminine appeal to a man is highly subjective. Some like skinny girls, some like plump and so on. However, some look for few such qualities which many women ignore or are unaware of. If, you want to know, what types of attractive are you and learn how to be more, we have jotted down a checklist for you to ponder on.

  • Kindness

Even though you may find it cliché but kindness is considered as the most desired quality a men seek in women. You can’t fake this quality for long. Your natural self will be revealed seen. A man doesn’t want you to be kind and compassionate only with him, rather with everyone whom you interact. It’s the politeness and soberness of your heart that pulls your guy close towards you.

  • Smile

This is the quality that has the potential to attract anyone and everyone towards you. Ever smiling faces are always valued and remembered. A smile can change someone’s mood. It emits positive vibes and conveys that you care. Men are always attracted towards ever smiling beauties.

  • Sense of Humour

Talking serious and remain poised all the time is not something man always look into women. You should know how to find your feminine energy through all the sources. Cracking simple jokes and laughing at the small jokes of your man also makes the relationship fun. Men prefer to spend time with such women who look into the funny side of things and have capability to make tensed environment light by plain jokes.

  • Confidence:

A man generally likes confident women. They like such women who are confident and have the ability to deal with complex situations. You should be the one who is able to take a stand, freely give opinion and keep faith in your own decisions. 

Men always fall for such qualities in women other than the physical appearance. This is because looks can be deceptive but these are natural qualities which can neither be faked nor kept hidden.

David Lockhart