Ready To Move? Ultimate Moving Checklist

Ready To Move? Ultimate Moving Checklist

When it comes time to move people often feel a bit overwhelmed. The starting point to stay stress free might not be so clear. Following these helpful tips will keep the entire moving process in focus and more simplistic.

Whether you are buying and selling, purchasing a new home or moving from one rental to another there are still some tasks that are the same in all of these situations. There are also a few that are a bit different. When selling your home your agent will tell you to begin decluttering. This means your house should be neutral for any potential buyers that may be walking through. This is a fantastic time to take advantage of early packing. Acquire some moving boxes and carefully tuck away all personal decor such as pictures, collections and extra items that take up valuable counter top space. Dust all of these items prior to packing them away so when you take them out at your new residence they will be clean and ready to be displayed. Properly label your boxes with the room each item is from so you can easily locate it later. These are the first items packed and often also the first ones forgotten about.

Once you have an offer on your home and a closing date in site you should start seriously packing away all of your other items. Carefully label each box with the room each box should end up at on moving day. Also label each box that is fragile so anyone moving the box knows to take extra care. Only leave items that you must use on a daily basis such as clothing, toiletries and dishes. The last week in your residence you should pack away all extra clothing you won’t need, extra towels and extra dishes. Only utilize the bare minimum. The remaining items should easily fit in one box per room.

If you are purchasing a first time home you most likely will be purchasing new decor and furniture so your packed necessities will be limited to whatever you had while living with a roommate or parents. In this situation less prep time is necessary.

Aside from packing it is important to contact a Dallas moving company as soon as a moving date is scheduled. Some seasons such as spring and fall can be busier and it is possible for the desired Dallas moving company to be booked solid. Have several options on hand if you are relocating during the busier moving months. Compare moving quotes and have a thorough understanding of the contract and insurance prior to signing the agreement.

Keep a file of all things pertaining to the move on hand. This file should include dates for inspections, renovations, services and moving expenses. This will keep you organized and on track while you are busy packing. It is also a good idea to take a picture of each contract and piece of paperwork. In the event that you accidentally pack away the file you will then have a visual copy on your phone or tablet ready to view if necessary.

Put a hold on your mail and have it set to deliver at the new address once you have moved. You can also temporarily utilize a PO Box if necessary. The same is true for all utilities. Make your utility companies aware of your upcoming move and have service discontinued on or prior to your move date and then scheduled for connection at the new address on the move in date. Make your insurance companies aware of your move and update your bank records and files at work as well. If children are part of the move make sure their current school is made aware of the move and change of address. Following these steps will help keep you organized for your upcoming move.

Nicholas Jansen