Reasons You Should Get a South African Mastiff 

Reasons You Should Get a South African Mastiff 

We can all agree that canines or dogs were significant for humankind’s evolution. Apart from being the trusty companions, you should know they were protectors and working dogs as well.

Apart from the idea that dogs can reduce stress and improve overall health in the household, you should know they can boost our lives in numerous aspects. Sometimes they act as friends, guards, which is why you should get them in the first place.

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When it comes to Africa, the importance of dogs was significant for centuries throughout history and culture. As a result, they have bred and created the strongest and best breeds you can find.

For instance, one of the most substantial mastiff breeds is the South African mastiff or Boerboel, which became highly popular in the last few years. The main reason families avoided mastiffs for family households is due to potential aggressiveness.

However, Boerboels became part of numerous homes across the globe due to their specialty and difference from other breeds. Of course, you should keep them socialized and understand their needs to prevent potential issues from happening.

Reasons to Get a South African Mastiff

  • One of the main reasons South African mastiffs became popular is their ability to defend owners from both large and small predators. Therefore, you should know they are among the best guard dogs compared with other breeds, especially against intruders and predators. Apart from courage, they are also highly agile, which makes them perfect as guard canines.
  • Another important consideration is that Boerboels feature excellent tracking capabilities. Therefore, you should adequately introduce them to hunting companions, which means they are perfect dogs that can track wounded prey and return to experts without eating them. This is one of the essential qualities you should remember because most dogs will eat prey before returning to master.
  • Compared with other breeds, you should know that they are one of the giant dogs you can find. Besides, they are brilliant compared with other large dogs, making them simple to train and socialize properly and introduce them to your family.

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  • However, the main problem lies in the idea that mastiffs can have bad temper and sheer aggressiveness, making them problematic for other family members. You can rest assured that the South African mastiff has a good temperament depending on socializing and training. As a result, they are protective and excellent with children, making them the perfect pets you can have for protecting your family. Besides, they are wonderful companions, which is another essential aspect to remember.
  • Another potential problem lies in health issues related to them. Apart from bad temper, people avoid mastiffs due to health conditions that can happen at late ages. However, Boerboels are entirely different, which means you can rest assured. These dogs have perfect health and will not end up obese, similarly to other mastiffs. Therefore, they are fantastic for your household, but you must prepare yourself for regular training.
  • Apart from family members, you can rest assured because Boerboels will be easy-going with other pets within your household. They also enjoy sharing their food and being gentle with other animals. Of course, until the other animals become a threat to your family members, which is vital to understand. 
  • Compared with bulldogs and other low-energy breeds, you should know that Boerboels have both playful nature and high energy levels. When you combine these two traits with their intelligence, it is crucial to train them properly from an early age. Since they come with playful nature, they are the best options that will help you deal with stress daily.
  • You should know they have short bristles that look like coats. Therefore, they are simple to maintain and clean compared with other breeds. Of course, they can get dirty during plays, but you must take them to a quick dip afterward.
  • Finally, you should know that Boerboels will not act as a threat to visitors. The main problem with other mastiffs is that they will charge visitors if they threaten the family. However, you can socialize the South African mastiff, which will make it friendly with other people. Since they have high intelligence in combination with easy-going nature, you should make a proper introduction which will keep them happy and welcoming in the future.

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