Review of the Tower!3D Pro

Review of the Tower!3D Pro

Welcome! Here is an article with an honest review about feelthere Tower 3D Pro, an air traffic control simulation game. There are different games on-air traffic control, and if you are very familiar with them, you’d know that not many of them do well with the storyline, graphics, concepts, and objects. So, without wasting time, let us get into the review of Tower!3D Pro.

The Tower!3D Pro is an air traffic control game that gives the player the chance to guide planes in and out of the airport. It is a very realistic game, optimizing the 3D design with good quality graphics. The game presents an atmosphere of a calm airport surrounding by real buildings and objects. It depends on what mode you are playing on; you can get really good airport designs, with a real-life environment. The game offers Boston Logan Airport, The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, the San Diego International Airport, and the aNew York Kennedy, all of which can be purchased at approximately $20 except the San Diego’s, which cost $18 approx. Each of these airport options allows the gamer to test their prowess and skills in different airport environments. Hence, when it comes to graphics design and environmental presentation, this game scores high.

The game also provides an aerial view of the environment and the airport, giving the gamer a real feel, and you can, indeed, tell that the graphics are nothing short of breathtaking. You can watch the planes taxi, lift, and land from the aerial view. Another good quality of the game is that it presents a characteristic multicolored monitor, such that you can view the game from multiple angles at the same time. A core feature of the multiple monitors also includes a satellite view of the map and terrains, with a trail that shows airplanes’ movement along with marked out areas. It also gives you a strip to see flight schedules, and there is the OBRITE coordinate.

Game Mode:

There is the daylight game mode, as one would expect.

Something more interesting is that the air traffic control game simulation scheme offers a real night mode. The night mode is not one that only turns the theme to black and it all looks shadowy. There are lights marked everywhere with enhanced visibility to see objects, the road, the taxi, and city lights. What more could you ask for?


You can play this game with advanced commands, and not just the forward, back, jump, etc., options. You have a good chance at navigating the game and controlling the flight at will. There is a gaming panel at the top where you can push the buttons or type in various commands at your will. It also has  a unique, in-built voice recognition command. 


The game offers voice assistance to guide the player through different tasks, with suggestions, making it an interesting one.

Player mode:

You can play the game alone, by downloading it to your computer. However, you can connect with other players by playing the air traffic control game online.

There you go. This review is only a summarized version. If there is a score to give this game, the overall scorecard would be about 8.5/10

David Lockhart