RO Water Purifier – Buy or rent, what should one do?

RO Water Purifier – Buy or rent, what should one do?

Do you know that 55%~60% of the human body constitutes water? Whether a person is indoors or outdoors, timely water consumption is very important to keep the water hydrated else the person may feel exhausted and tired. When a person is working in the office, (s)he will still go to the water cooler to fill the water bottles but the case may be different when at home. There is a possibility that the person might forget to consume water on a timely basis.

Tap water is no longer safe for direct consumption and boiling does not remove all the impurities. So, what is the best option? You either order water jars from nearby shops or equip your home with an RO water filter. Water in water jars is not guaranteed to be pure so there might be after-effects of consuming that water. Consuming packaged drinking water means that you are polluting the environment with the increased usage of plastic.

An RO water purifier is a more feasible option but you may need to shell out more money since it requires regular maintenance.

If you are staying in your own flat, owning a water purifier makes more economical sense. If you staying with your friends in a rented flat, you should look for other smart options like renting a water purifier.

RO filter system from LivPure can be rented depending on your consumption requirements. You not only save money by renting the water purifier but also enjoy the benefits of consuming healthy & purified water. It is not only suited for bachelors but also for families who are staying in rented apartments.

RO Water filters/purifiers from LivPure Smart come with attractive renting packages. You can choose a package that best suits your water requirements & scale up/down the package depending on your needs.

The starting package from LivPure rent (or LivPure Smart) is called Silver Plan which starts at Rs. 350. Relatives visiting your place, worried about the increased water usage? Worry not as you can move to the next available plan called the Gold Plan which starts at Rs. 450. The Platinum and Titanium plans are more suited for houses with more family members and start at Rs. 550 & Rs. 650 respectively.

Aalkaline water benefits, amount of water consumed, ingredients of water, and more can be monitored using a mobile application powered by HEKA. You can pause the plan when you are relocating to a new place. It is well-suited for working professionals who have knowledge and access to technology.

Renting an RO water purifier works cheaper in the long run since you save on recurring maintenance costs. An average household spends close to Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 on water. Just imagine the savings by just incorporating a little bit of smartness in your routine activities in life.

Just like e-commerce websites ease the task of shopping online, LivPure Smart eases the task of renting RO water purifiers using the click of a button. There is timely maintenance for which you need not pay any single rupee from the walletJ.

We look for savings at all places, seldom do we know that we can save much more just by keeping a tab on recursive expenses!

Be Wise, be Smart and Save more….

Edward Powell