Selecting The Best HDB Room Door

Selecting The Best HDB Room Door

A goodnight sleep is something that everyone longs for. Installing the right bedroom door that is solid and soundproof happens to be the right solution for that.

As you purchase the bedroom door, then you will understand that it is not a very simple thing. Just make an order from the online site and getting the handyman install that is not the only decisions you make. There are a lot of aspects, matters of style, space, and weight that needs to be considered before choosing the one.

You need to remember that the HDB room door should match the style of your bedroom. No matter whichever door you choose, this is the primary condition that you will need to keep in mind. For this, you can also choose an interior designer for making the door according to your requirement. Be it the pattern, be it the colour, all need to match your home design.

Bedroom Door Installation – Factors to consider

Below are the two important factors when it comes to the bedroom door installation:

You need to question the door company about quotes, workmanship, warranty, and the portfolio. If you don’t want any sound insulation then you can choose the hollow doors, on the other hands the solid doors are for the ones who need to soundproof the room.

In the case of the added accessories for the doors, the easy to install doorknobs and proper compatibility are essential.

What door opening system is best for your rooms?

99.9% of the doors you have ever passed through were hinged. Other times, they may happen to be folding doors: you operate the latch, the safety mechanism is released, and you push or pull towards you so that the door leaf opens diagonally to the walls, the leaf being held by the hinges that they cling tightly to the wall.

The first option for the doors, whether we want to achieve an avant-garde or classic style, is wood. The different woods with their particular colours, grains and properties can satisfy any decorative need and the new finishes and treatments make them highly resistant.

  • Speaking of wood, it is inevitable to think of solid wood doors for exteriors. They also offer good security as long as they have metal reinforcements such as steel plates on the inside, metal fences and security locks.
  • Regarding resistance to weather phenomena, an exterior wooden door made of oak or tropical woods is a total guarantee against rain or humidity. In addition, doors can be protected with a layer of natural varnishes such as linseed or teak oil or with commercial varnishes. To leave the door as is, it is advisable to use a water-based varnish, just as effective but more ecological. Warmth and simplicity are ensured in your home with a wooden door at the entrance.


If we go inside the house, the options multiply. We can choose a hinged door (the usual one) or a sliding door that saves space compared to a conventional one and is ideal for small rooms. If you want a door that goes unnoticed, you can choose one with a concealed hinge and flush leaf or even a pivoting one that does not need mouldings.


Edward Powell