Serious relationship: Is there still time?

Serious relationship: Is there still time?


You have played this game a hundred times. Some were really good ones while some were downright outrageous. And, as you embark on another quest to find another conquest, you are saddled with a thought inside your mind: Will I ever be in a serious relationship?

Dating is really fun for men and women alike. It sorts of give you the freedom to choose the person you like to be with—if only for a couple of weeks or months. But if you are going out with different people for so long, you start to question the very purpose of dating. Why is it that despite having the wrong decisions in your love life, you still go out on a date?

Perhaps it is because your quest is still incomplete. Having fun while enjoying the company of others is something, which you can consider as perks of dating. But whether it will lead to a more serious relationship or not is a totally different matter. Most of us don’t even have the slightest clue on what cougar dating is supposed to be. We meet and go out with someone and spend some time with them. We try to be as romantic in hope that they will like us and that’s about it. We fail to understand that it is through dating that we can actually find the person we can spend our whole life with.

Dating someone is not just a game; it is a way of finding the special person in your life. Now, some people go out on a date for its sheer thrill. There’s nothing wrong about it, really. But for how long can you keep this going? Sooner or later, you’ll get older and you will find out that living a care-free life is not that enjoyable anymore. You start to think of life more seriously. And then it snaps you. You’ve had some of the best dates a person could only wish to one night stands for but still you are unhappy and alone.


There will come a time that you will be faced by this harsh reality. And even if you blame yourself, things will remain as they were. Perhaps you didn’t even consider having a serious relationship when you are going out with someone. After all, “dating is just a game” for you. But it’s never too late. You can begin by having an all-new perspective on dating with Change your mind set. Go out on a date with a clear goal. You are not there just to have a wonderful time with anyone. You are there because you believe that there is someone out there for you. It may take a while before you can find the right match, but you will find him and her. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose patience. You’ve been dating for quite a while, so this should not be any different.


Once you have found the one, put in a lot of effort to make the relationship work. Experiences don’t count so throw it all out of the window. This is a new beginning so start things right. Later on, you will reap the fruits of all the efforts you put up. Because this time, you are at peace with yourself—spending the time of your life with the person you really love.

Nicholas Jansen